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  1. Mat vs Gawyn and Galad is definitely at the top. I also really like the Mat knife fight after leaving the "hell" with Tuon.
  2. I didnt read it all so I may have missed it. Not only was Rand able to use the pool to survive the encounter, but dont forget the army of trollocs about to rush through Tarwin's Gap into the borderlands. The borderlanders were certain they would be over-ran. Rand used the pool to stop them and I am sure put one big crimp in the DO's plans. How much would that change the complexion of things to have had the borderlands crawling with trollocs?
  3. So that means we will definitely get it in ToM? Yay! I don't think I could stand reading speculation through AMoL. How many more pages of posts do we have to get before this beats Asmodean? about 10k more pages considering there were 100's of Asmo threads
  4. taken the place of? Heck I thought they always were the most annoying by far.
  5. The one thing I noticed re-reading 4-6 after reading TGS was the progression of Lews Therin's voice. It started as Rand having memories, then he would realize it wasnt his memory. So after the re-read I did start agreeing with those who say there never was a Lews in Rand's head. It was just a way for Rand to deal with memories popping up that were not, what he thought, were his. He would remember then say wait, thats not my memory thats Lews Therin's and eventually it just branched into Lews Therin.
  6. I didnt take that as Lews being permanently healed. Just the same few lucid moments. Long enough for him to realize what he had done and to kill himself. The difference was the pain.
  7. If I remember correctly choosing Dashiva was definitely at random. Taim was trying to pick for Rand and Rand pointed at random and it was Dashiva who he pointed at. It also seems as though Dashiva was suprised and Taim disliked the choice. yeah, what Sharaman said.
  8. way too early to say Demandred has been unimpressive. He could be the mastermind behind the Borderlanders. That is a real coup to be able to get them to pack up and leave the land they should be defending. Or he could have complete control of Shara and ready to sweep across the wastes to slam into Althor's armies. Whatever it is, it had better be big or it will be a disappointment.
  9. Just tell her Robert Jordan himself said as of ACOS or possible even CoT Demandred had yet to make an appearance. Olver came in around book 4? or 5 at the latest, so no way he could be Demandred.
  10. If they have to submit to those idiot Aes Sedai I will feel I wasted the past 15 years of my life reading this series. NO WAY IN HELL will that be the case IMO. If anything this series has shown what spoiled impulsive little whiney-babies AES SEDAI have turned into and they need to be taken in hand and controlled. I almost agree with the Seanchan and just collar every AES SEDAI.
  11. I think it was left purposefully. We just hit a milestone in the Wheel of Time books. One of those crossroads where the wrong decision would have been the end. For those who read the Eddings books, thats a good example. When the critical times approached, generally it was a decision or a choice made, not outright combat. Rand came to the crossroads. The DO was doing everything possible to push Rand to making the choice of destroying the pattern. He would absolutely need the CK to accomplish that. Of course his decision was for the light, so instead of complete annhiliation, he is back on the path leading to Tarmon Gaidin. It seems to me that the only way the DO can escape his prison is by destroying the pattern. Ultimately it is the pattern that ensures he is imprisoned. It also seems to suggest by destroying the pattern, the DO effectively destroys everything including himself. Maybe its just his chaotic nature that his victory ends in his destruction, or maybe he just would rather be "dead" than imprisoned forever and ever.
  12. Also didnt Min say not just teach Rand but all of the Ashaman? How have ANY of the ashaman been affected by Rand sitting on Dragonmount. Even if Rand comes back crying tears of joy, are all of the Ashaman going to join in? They can all sing Kumbayah around the fire holding each other and crying their little hearts out.
  13. I personally feel as though the clues lie with either Fain, or with Hel(the philosopher). He said something like there are 3 ages. First age, DO is blocked and the world is unaware. Then they unwittingly bore a hole into his prison. 2nd Age would be from that point until it is sealed. 3rd age would be the prison being remade and back to the 1st Age of unawareness. Something like that, it may be off. But he also said something about how it might not be the Dragon Reborn who does it. It seemed to imply to me that the pattern would fix the prison. If that is the case, then thats why clearing the rubble becomes important. Get the seals out of the way, clear out what Lews Therin and the 100 companions did, so the pattern can fix the bore. That would leave the DO with the only option of destroying the pattern, since that is his true enemy. Which also seems to be his ultimate goal. This is where Fain comes in to play. Once the seals are removed and the bore is re-opened they have to contain the DO somehow so the pattern can fix the prison. Fain's evil battling the DO could possibly weaken them both and keep them too busy to spread.
  14. I dont think the dark aura was directly due to using the TP. The dark aura, IMO, was more related to Rand's overall attitude. The TP may most likely contributed to his coldness, but there were many things contributing to it as well. I personally still expect a dark edge from Rand. For instance, female DFS wont have a safety net anymore. And I would be suprised if we dont see using the TP affecting him in other ways. I expect the negative, unbalanced effect on the pattern close to him will come much closer into balance again. Semi said those who were hearing a real voice couldnt be healed. But, we are all pretty sure that he wasn't hearing a real voice, only his attempt to deal with the memories. So I do believe his sanity will be mostly restored. Not entirely, you can't stuff someone in a box and beat them everytime the box is opened without some backlash. Not to mention all the other stuff he has been through.
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