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  1. Yeah, I think I will chime in again and second the notion that the book, while different from the others, really is as fine a tribute to the Jordan legacy as I could have asked for. I mentioned the one character's mannerism's feeling forced, and I think others have hit on it. Mat just felt that way to me, and yeah, he was one of my favorite characters. Mat was always a very deliberate character who was like the classic victim of someone's humorous plan, just sort of rolling along trying to escape destiny, never willingly choosing the amazing fate that lays itself out before him. He had jus
  2. It was good. He did a very good job with some plots, and I found myself loving the dialogue in those. One of the characters in particular for me, came across notice-ably different. I think the editor should have realized this and pitched in to get those dialogues sounding closer to home. I listened to the book while driving, rather than read it which is how recently re-read the entire series, and if anything, it made this characters mannerisms seem more forced or contrived. It would be a hard character to write for sure. Other than this single character's portrayal, I loved the book. I
  3. I am rather a fan of the way he utilizes the tensions between the Male and Female aspects of the power, and the characters throughout the books, as sort of an underlying theme.. Perhaps better phrased, the conflicts/tensions/resolutions that amount between the masculine and feminine throughout the stories. It is not really a theme, but then again it is. The One Power is divided into two halves... two haves that make a whole. Hence the symbol of the Aes Sedai. Even the different ways in which the one power is channeled.. Woman opening to the source like a flower, Men seizing the power an
  4. Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy was dark and excellent.. Plus it is finished, and has a killer ending..
  5. My thing for the past 2 years has been audio books.. I just find I am more productive. It is crazy, but I can almost hardly justify just sitting with a book for a read and doing nothing else.. I know, not for everyone, but I find myself driving a lot with my current occupation, and books are a marvelous road companion. They are not a bad companion when you are washing the dishes, or shoveling snow either.. just saying. I am re-reading all the WOT books right now via audio, before tackling the new co-written one. As I said, I started with these in High-school back in 92'. It is amazing
  6. Yeah.. I do not think it is fair necessarily to make a blanket statement like the one I made, because in truth there are a lot of other potential influences, but books and friends are high on the list. With good books, and friends to boot, you might do like I did and go down a completely different stream than the one upon which the rest of your family is sailing... and never look back either. It is possible. With shitty friends, and no books, better hope you came from a decent family. Your friends should compliment the books you are reading, if they are books you like. Of course, I can't
  7. A wise man once said to me something like, 'If you want to know where/who you will be in 5 years, take a look at the books you are reading now and the friends you are hanging out with.' Now, what if you are one of those who are reading no books now, or only begrudgingly reading the books your teacher assigns you? I suppose that means such a person would be stuck with just the influence of the friends they are hanging out with. Sad, but true if you look at it...
  8. I dunno.. it may just be your generation.. I am 33 now and also a male... not old, but not quite young anymore at least in body. I started reading WOT in High School, when only the first 3-4 books were out. At the time, I read constantly, books from all genres, often during class if the teacher was not giving an interesting enough lecture, and I caught some heat for it from my fellow classmates, but not much.. These days, simple pleasures are glazed over in the pursuit of the flashy popular trends, and the visual onslought(Tv, Movies, video games).. From my perspective here in America, we
  9. It had that rushed feel that a lot of new movies seem to have.. Packed together, not enough simple silence to add needed weight to potentially deep subjects. The end result was a potentially good story hindered by it's shallow foundation. A story that a shallow minded might call deep, but was far from a tear jerker from my perspective, though the two gals that were with us in the theater both left with wet eyes... mine were rolling.. If the main character had initially had some depth to justify his special-ness, would have helped as well. Instead, he was more like a comic figure, and once
  10. Well, I just saw it tonight, and I found it to have a bit too much Hollywood cheese drizzle to make for a solid believe-able story. Some of the core fundamentals of the movie were never really properly explained, such as how they managed to make these avatars, though maybe they thought that un-important. Yes, the special effects were killer and immersive. The rest felt like it was trying to be a cross between the Matrix and Dances with Wolves, but I preferred both the Matrix and Dances with Wolves to this movie. What can I say?. It was decent.. but just sort of did not deliver in a believa
  11. Drizzt- with his scimitars.. Legolas- with his bow.. Tomas- with his sword, but I would rather face him than Pug I suppose, though he uses no weapons.. just magic.. Conan- with his sword..
  12. Wow.. I thought the Harry Potter series got better over time personally. The first two books were the weakest in the series in my opinion. One book that sticks out in this category for me was Eragon. It started out interesting, but soon lost it's luster..
  13. I think I recall Moiraine saying something to them like.. 'The Shadow is after you for whatever reason. Above all, I oppose the Shadow, and that means standing in the way of what the Shadow wants. I will kill you myself, before I let the Shadow have you...' The main thing I was trying to voice here, is that it just seems a bit over the top. The Two Rivers folk all treat Moiraine like she is to blame for their trubs, Nynaeve in particular, even though she saves their lives tons of times, heals them when they are hurt.. sheesh, they even resent her for healing them at times.. It just seem
  14. I was a jazz major in college, but now I work on computers.. I have a huge love of Reggae and dub style, but more lean toward the rock-steady feel I am told, rather than traditional "Reggae". I played guitar for a while in a traditional Reggae band out of Telluride, CO, and they told my my preference was more for "Rock Steady" rather than "Reggae", which was pretty strict around just the skank. I really enjoy adding a hip banjo roll against dub rhythm.. sounds good.. Here are some links to some of my stuff... I am the guitar/singer/songwriter on the tunes there.. http://www.myspa
  15. hmm.. you are right.. I suppose she should have just left them be to die at the hands of the Trollocs. I do not find her bossing too much, I hear her explain things generally when she is asked. Most of the advice she gives is sensible, and if I were facing what those folk were facing, I would welcome any advice that made sense.. Yes, she has her secrets, but they all do.. She and Lan are the two best characters in the first book, though the rest do grow on you as the books progress.. Yes.. am listening to the books this time around. Never have any time to read the old fashioned way a
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