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  1. Yeah, I think I will chime in again and second the notion that the book, while different from the others, really is as fine a tribute to the Jordan legacy as I could have asked for. I mentioned the one character's mannerism's feeling forced, and I think others have hit on it. Mat just felt that way to me, and yeah, he was one of my favorite characters. Mat was always a very deliberate character who was like the classic victim of someone's humorous plan, just sort of rolling along trying to escape destiny, never willingly choosing the amazing fate that lays itself out before him. He had just been sort of rolling with the punches the entire story, but Jordan managed to capture a level headedness in the midst of his trip that was off a bit in this story. Some of the dialogues just felt forced, but as stated, he would be a hard character to write. The chapters in the Tower more than made up for any of it. I actually re-read some of those pivotal chapters several times they were so good, and I marveled to myself that I doubt anyone could have captured them quite so well. In there own way, they are perfect.. Will be interesting to see what happens in the next story, which I understand will feature Mat and the Aelfin..
  2. It was good. He did a very good job with some plots, and I found myself loving the dialogue in those. One of the characters in particular for me, came across notice-ably different. I think the editor should have realized this and pitched in to get those dialogues sounding closer to home. I listened to the book while driving, rather than read it which is how recently re-read the entire series, and if anything, it made this characters mannerisms seem more forced or contrived. It would be a hard character to write for sure. Other than this single character's portrayal, I loved the book. I also loved the plot thread that followed this character in this book, I could simply tell that it was not quite him..
  3. I dunno.. it just seems a bit unrealistic. Just finishing the chapter on Shadar Logath.. First of all.. here we have 3 boys hunted by foul, evil, animalistic killers.. still distrusting the only people who seem to be saving them from those killers at every turn.. and then walking into a place like Shadar Logath, and trusting to walk the span of the city in search of treasure, separating from the rest of the group.. when just 1 hour before they were fighting for their bloody lives.. I dunno... Plus, it strikes me as crazy that neither Lan nor Moraine elected to say anything like, "stay close to us.. this city is very dangerous.." or anything.. Sorry just annoyed a bit, mostly with Mat who is pretty stupid in the early parts of the story.. Needed a place to vent..
  4. I am presently starting a re-read of the entire series.. I have read the eye of the world twice, but otherwise, have simply read all the books 1 time shortly after they came out.. Last read of the eye of the world was some time in 2000, when I read it to my wife during her first pregnancy.. Unfortunately for her, the story never really took. She liked it, but apparently not enough to read on.. Then we had a child, and time went by the wayside.. Now we have two.. Still, I am re-reading all from the beginning via audiobook prior to delving into these latest Sanderson/Jordan books.
  5. This is a nice link, however, it stops with LOC... What I was really after is a good summary of say the last 2 books.. The encyclopedia link that was posted before is helpful, but not quite helpful enough.. Therefore, I am reading from scratch.. maybe the 13th book will be close to out by the time I finish reading these things again.. I am doing it on audio book, as I no longer have time to sit and read (sigh). However, I drive an awful lot, and this will make a great companion in my travels..
  6. Thanks for the replies folks.. You sort of hit it on the head.. The problem is, do I want to re-read the entire thing again before I read this new book - The gathering storm, which I now own.. Can I wait? Must I wait? I truly cannot remember all of the happenings in the last book, where it left off.. and the part of me that wants to dive into this new book, is big, but I given the current mental gaps to the story... I am one of those who wept when I discovered Jim died. For me it was a late discovery. I lead a busy life, and did not find out about it, until I was searching for the release date of the new book sometime in mid 2008. It was like a big crashing wave hitting me.. There is something extremely nostalgic about all of this, even romantic, and my heart strings were pulled on hard by the incident. Shit, they still are. The descriptions of his last days as he toiled to finish this massive work and provide direction to the one who would take over for him.. I cannot put it into words, but it is immense. I have this feeling now as I write, that it would be good to re-read first, so that I can approach the new work not only with a clear picture of what came before, but also, to put sort of a fitting end to the body of work that was Robert Jordan... We shall see if I can actually do it.. Thanks for the replies..
  7. I started reading these books back in 1992 or 93, when I was still in High School, and they have been with me most of my Adult life. I used to have a mind like a steel trap, but now that I am in my Mid 30's, I find myself forgetting a lot about this series, even the events that occurred in the last book which I read about 3 1/2 years ago. Up to now, I have read each new book as it has come out, and been able to keep up, or refresh my memory as they have come out and am usually good to go by the middle of the book as all the major plot threads have been detailed.. I am up to speed with them.. I worry about this one.. I cannot remember names of minor characters.. etc.. I wonder if anyone else has chosen to re-read the series from scratch, and how it went for them..? These are long books.. I could do this now, but am more wondering.. Is there a place on the net that has pretty detailed summaries of the books on the web, so that I can give myself a decent refresher before I jump into these new ones.. Will add.. I just finished Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy. What a series.. I wanted more at the end, even though it had a splendid ending.. just could not let go.. I am extremely excited that he is taking over WOT.. Anyways, this is getting a bit scattered.. Just mainly want thoughts on the re-read.. if beneficial, or if there is a site that can be visited that gives better than avg summary of events.. would be good.. thanks!!
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