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  1. And then they talk more, and the viewpoint returns to Faile. I noticed this as well and believe this is a gross mistake. How has nobody noticed this prior to the book's release? Also, Ituralde mentions "Deathgates" when Rand appears to save the day. How did he know of that word?
  2. I can't really understand what everyone dislikes so much about Perrin. I think his part was truly well-written and makes me looking forward to reading the rest of his storyline. Obviously, his appearance in TGS was completely unnecessary and should have been cut; likewise, if Galad's prologue part had occured in TGS, the cliffhanger effect would have had more of an impact. But overall, I think this chapter shows that Perrin will experience some serious character development during TofM. Excluding the parts in TGS (which, in this particular chapter, was just being repeated, I cannot understand the Perrin-hate. Give him the benefit of a doubt before you've read the book. I did not like him in TGS; now, it looks like my very favorite character will make a strong comeback!
  3. Yes indeed. Of course, we could never get the story as it should have been. It is strange, but it wasn't until I read this book that it truly dawned on me that Mr. Jordan had passes away. Of course, I do believe that Mr. Sanderson was the best man for the job, and I also respect him very much for all his effort in giving us these final chapters. But that said, despite the impossible task and the insurmountable difficulties, we also must be able to see this book as it is. And, frankly, it didn't feel like a WoT-book. I enjoyed several chapters and there was indeed some truly powerful moments that made me gasp. But I will not look forward as I have in the past for the next books. I don't know if we who think like this are relatively few (in some sense, I hope so; all those who thought TGS one of the best WoT-books, I can say nothing than that I envy you); but more should point out the parts that lacked quality. Hopefully then, Mr. Sanderson can adjust in time for the next books...
  4. I perfectly agree. Although I really do respect Mr. Sanderson courageous move in attemting to serve us fans the ending of this beloved series, it is appearent that this was an impossible task. The world is so much more static, the characters much more shallow, the dialogue very un-WoT and sometimes up-front embarrasing in comparison with the former installments of the series; also, the narrative thoroughly lacked the subtle hints and glimpses from a world always in motion. For the very first time it truly dawned on me: Mr. Jordan is gone. However, I do believe this was the best - and only - option. At least we will get the ending this way. When looking back upon this saga later, the books I shall re-read is 1-11: to me the true story ended with Pevara and Tarna visiting the Black Tower. This was unfortunate but inevitable, following Mr. Jordan's passing. Nobody could have told this story save him. The world truly became a much poorer place a little more then two years ago. One final point. Where was Logain? And Taim? Feels strange that Rand should not have any communication, given that TGS advances the time-line about 3 months? Or, perhaps, what truly went on there will be the topic for ToM. Well, well....
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