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  1. Actually I think there could be some validity to parts of the theory. I think Verin knows more about Luc/Isam and Rand/LTT's situation than we think. I'm of the opinion that Verin knows more about Coriannin Nedeal(sp?) than we know. Since Verin studied Coriannin and her works, could she possibly BE Coriannin? Knowing the ages of the kin and when Coriannin lived? Hmmmm....I need to do some more thinking...and reading....
  2. You really needed a 10+ category. In mycase about 16 yrs. :D
  3. I remember, the summer of 1990, after my son was born. I was an extremely voracious reader until 6th grade when I got bored with school and quit reading. Then after meeting my husband in college, I started reading some of his books lying around. I read jean Auel's seris and I was so enthralled, I started reading everything. Fast forward to summer of 1990, I had just finished Plains of Passage by Jean Auel. We were in the book store looking for something else to read, and this older man started talking to us. He looked like Santa on vacation. He suggested Robert Jordan. We bought tEotW, and it turned out to be a pretty good series. Fortunately I continue to find better books to read than what I first picked up.
  4. As far as the book comparison goes, I stand bhy what I replied in the other Eragon comparison. As far as the film, I don't care one way or the other, but it had better be good. I prefer watching long marathons to a once a night show. Make each several hours, denote a weekend, and show them all. In fact, I actually prefer to buy the dvds and watch when I have time. That and tivo are time savers.
  5. I don't know about the rest of you, but I picked up Eragon in the children's section. I happen to think it is fairly good for children, and an inspiration for young writers. I certainly don't take the writings of a 17 year old and compare them to an adult who is old enough to have earned a college degree in physics, experienced a war, and evidently many happily married years. I also don't take a book from the children's section and compare them to epic adventures in the adult section, whatever genre. Just because it is fantasy does not mean that it will live up to everyone's standard. I put Eragon in the same category as Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, The Seventh Tower series by Garth Nix and Cornelia Funke's books. Ok, I have been corrected by my 12 year old-"Young Adult." It is an important series to garner more young fans of fantasy, an important step up. The standard format notwithstanding, isn't that what all stories are about? Something interesting and fantastic that we all wish would happen to liven up our dreary schedules? Except me-I could use a little less excitement in my life. I like to use my schedules everyday, and I prefer my adventures in books. Also, as we're talking about ratings, I think there should be a rating system for the genre of fantasy. Some should definitely be rated as beginner, some more advanced. Hmmm,but that is the joy of reading and finding out, isn't it? That is also what the library is for-those series that you want to read, but don't want to invest a lot of money in.
  6. Notes? I just read the books. Like merlinspetrock, I started reading this series in the early 90's. 1)I'm not sure I would contemplate trying to start a series this large and try to absorb it all at once. I have read the series all the way through 10 or 12 times, but only because I am a little obsessive. Anyway, I read a book and think about it for a few days, then start on another one. 2)I don't try to figure it all out. I leave that for those who have nothing else to do, then read the theories once or twice a year. Most I don't care about. That is what the anticipation about the next book means. I have enough to do to keep up with my two kids' school reading lists. Try reading 8 books for sophomore english and 6 for 6th grade english. Besides I have my own homework. :?
  7. BLECHCHCH. Besides, football does NOT go with World Cup.
  8. I think Pug tops Merlin. That immortality thing just gives sorcerers that edge over the ones who die...
  9. Anne McCaffrey was average. Eddings is youngster friendly, and Feist is 14 up, I think. Eddings is easy to read. Feist is a great writer who moves his story line along well. I haven't read the others.
  10. Wow. lot of the same stuff out there. I will give some of my favs. Not all sf/fantasy, though. The Mists of Avalon Empire Series by Feist/Wurts Stranger in a Strange Land-Heinlein Dune was good. Noticed the similarities. Ender's Game series sf, but I can't believe so many have missed these. I've never been one for whatever's new, but some new and old ones: The Time Traveler's Wife by AudreyNiffenegger. Interesting premise. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston The First Man in Rome series by Colleen McCullough Earth's Children by Jean Auel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan btw, these are all adult titles, NOT for kids under 18, with the exception of the Ender Series. After reading all the posts, I am excited about the recommendations. I have not read about half of what has been posted. I'll have to put them in my to "read when I'm retired" list.
  11. Hi. I am a new poster, but long time reader. About every six months or so. I have been reading the series since about, I think, either 1990 or 1991. The second series I started after HS and neither one is finished. They were what started me reading again, though... My most cherished book is a Robert Jordan signed tEotW that my husband bought me for Christmas one year. :D Ah, well here screams the 16 yr old for more food. He was just a baby when I started the series... Thank you for having this trial section. I'll come back and read the rest later...
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