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  1. Another fairly major difference is that Hogwarts is 'just' a school, much like Beauxbatons, Durmstrang etc are 'just' schools. Wizarding kids go there to learn magic but when they graduate, they are no longer part of the school except as alumni. Like the same for us - high school becomes a fond memory for them. They leave school and they go out into the world and get jobs - in shops or at the Ministry of Magic, etc. Hogwarts doesn't pay their way or direct their movements. Also, the political / government seat of power aren't the schools themselves, it's the Ministry of Magic that is the government / power seat (in England, anyway - other countries have their own Magical governments). The White Tower, on the other hand, is the political seat of power for Tar Valon and the Westlands. Girls go there to learn to channel, but once they 'graduate' to become Aes Sedai, they don't leave to get jobs elsewhere. They do go out into the world but all the work they do is always on behalf of the White Tower. The White Tower pays their salaries, etc. I suppose you could say that the White Tower trains them up, and then becomes their employer, while Hogwarts students have to go out into the world and gain employment elsewhere. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Hogwarts sole function is to teach students - it's just a school. The White Tower is so much more than that. At the end of the day, Dumbledore is 'just' a principal - his position in the wizarding world is not equal to the Amyrlin Seat in Randland. The Minister for Magic's position IS equal to that of the Amyrlin Seat. Dumbledore is politically powerful, that's made fairly clear. Fudge and other Ministers have felt threatened by him, mostly because they know of the support Dumbledore would have from the wizarding community if he decided to overthrow the current Minister in order to take that position for himself. Also because the Ministers know he could do a better job of governing the Wizarding world. But he chooses not to; therefore, he is not as powerful as the White Tower's "Principal": the Amyrlin Seat. As for the White Tower size vs Hogwarts size, according to wot.fandom, the White Tower is 600 feet or 183metres tall. I'm not sure, but I think Hogwarts at its highest peak might reach that, but as a whole, the building might be much shorter. More sprawling than tall. I think the White Tower must be larger overall though, because the novice quarters can hold 400 novices, and the Accepted quarters can hold 200 accepted. With seven more floors allocated to the seven ajahs, surely there's enough room for another five hundred Aes Sedai - though that figure could be closer to one thousand?? Don't know... How many Hogwarts students are there at any given time? Five - six hundred? And only about twenty - thirty teachers... If that's anything to go by, then surely the White Tower is larger than Hogwarts... Interesting topic, thanks for raising it ?
  2. Please don't ask for quotes or page locations because it's been a super long time since I read the books ? But I think it was Moraine who explained this one. As you say, everyone in the Two Rivers was pretty much of equal standing, from the Mayor (who should have been at the top of the social strata) to Cenn Buie who was a pain in everyone's arse LOL. However (again, I think) it was Moraine who tells Rand and co about how, long ago, the Two Rivers and surrounding area was once Manetheren and that back then, the surnames of the Kings, Queens (and nobles maybe?) started with 'Al'. (I think she explains that it was an honorific). But - as she says - it was so long ago that even Manetheren was forgotten, as was the reason for the 'Al' in some of the Two Rivers names. So really, Tham Al'Thor, Nyneave's family (the Al'Mere's) and Egwene Al'Vere were all descendants of Manetheren royalty / nobility. Someone else could probably explain it better than me - as I said, it's been a long time. Pretty sure it was explained in TEOTW. Maybe someone else can tell you where the passage is?
  3. I would have loved to have seen Setalle Anan healed - preferably by a male channeller so she'd be as strong or stronger in the One Power than she was before she was burned out. I really loved her character and was really looking forward to a 'win' like this for her, but it never happened... I didn't like that Rand didn't reveal himself to Tam - HIS GRIEVING FATHER - and would like to think that he would have let Tam know he was still alive, some time in the future. And the Seanchan. Oh my God. I can't begin to tell you how much they frustrated me. Yes, we need villains but they were downright frustrating to the point where they distracted from my enjoyment of the story. I didn't love to hate them as a reader above here said. I just bloody hated them LOL. So yeah, I really wanted to see them set back on their arse. Another thing that never happened. But now that I think about it, I reckon that the rumours about a sequel were true. RJ introduced the Seanchan so early in the series, and might have left the conflict unresolved so he could explore it in a sequel. Not 'book 15', but book 1 of the next age, the big bad being the Seanchan. Rand was paramount in the prophecies concerning the DO, and once the DO was defeated, Rand was able to take a back seat, go enjoy the world, being all zen with nature and all that. This leaves the Aes Sedai and Black Tower and all the nations to deal with the threat of the Seanchan in the next lot of books. By book 14 (haha) of this sequel, I think we would have seen massive changes in the Seanchan empire: a completely altered thinking, and the freeing of their enslaved channellers. I agree that Tuon was an absolute monster - for the same reasons given by other posters above. There was nothing endearing about her, no matter how RJ tried to humanise her. She was totally wasted on Matt, she was most definitely the wrong choice for him. But I suppose if the story had been able to be continued, Matt would have been paramount in helping to change the Seanchan way of thinking, by starting at the top - with Tuon... I'd have loved to have read something like that, but sadly, RJ is no longer with us and if that was his dream initially, it's not something that can be realised. Except in Fanfiction LOL!
  4. For some reason I had the feeling that he had been captured by the dark side of the force. Don't know why I felt that way - I guess he probably is off preparing the way to get the BT off Taim. I hope so anyway, it would SUCK if he's been captured. I seem to remember Rand finally thinking that he needed to do something about the BT, so maybe he's got Logain working on it.
  5. Hugs! I'd suggest re-reading them, at a slower pace, to take in all the things you may have missed. I know what you mean, its such a high, and then its done! I think we're all going to have a wee meltdown after the last book. I can't wait for it to come out, and at the same time I'll gladly wait forever, because once its done, its DONE!! What do we do then? Very sad... :-( I'm going to read the last book super slowly... Which won't be hard for me, with three kids to look after, I was solo and fancy free when I first picked up EOTW all those years ago!! I could read and read until my heart was content... :-)
  6. I haven't come across this loophole. Could you explain it real quick? :X We know that the Dark one can bring someone's soul into a new body if he is ready as the person die. If too long pass then the soul is beyond his reach. If you Balefire someone, you make them die backwards in time. You can basicly force someone beyond the point where the Dark One can still catch your soul and thus preventing someone from being brought back (which is what Rand have started to do). However, we have no clue how big this window of opportunity is that the Dark One have to catch a soul as someone die. Seconds, minutes, hours? So, if you are weak in the One Power and Balefire someone, theoreticly that balefire can be weak enough to not burn you past the Dark One's grasp. Basicly, if the Balefire is weak enough, you can be still be brought back. really? I don't think I've come across that one before, that the DO can bring anyone back after they've been bale fired - no matter how weak... Not arguing with you, just didn't think it was possible at all - no matter how weak... If its a weak BF, then the events that have just taken place (like someone dying - Avi and Mat and Asmo) can be undone, but I honestly don't think that the DO can grab someone thats been BF'd - weak or no. I'm no expert though! Having said that, I don't think Taim is anyone reborn / transmigrated. I believe (though I've got nothing to base it on!!) that he is just plain old Taim, born to this point of time on the wheel, and that yes - I reckon he's become the newest and first chosen of this age... Just my opinion... I've flirted with the notion that he was a Chosen back in the good old AOL days, just like some suspect that Egwene and the others are reborn AS... But I believe he's been reborn naturally, without the help of the DO.
  7. Perfect!! I can imagine Asha'Man in this for sure!
  8. I'm glad he wrote NS, and was glad of it at the time it was released as well. I never begrudged him the time it took for him to write it, and just think - if he had worked on the continuing series instead of writing NS, then it would all be done by now! We'd know how it all unfolds, no more suspense, no more waiting - it would be done. And even though I really want to read the final book, I know I'll be sad when I read the very last page... This way we have MORE!! We got to spend time with a young Moiraine and Suian, and a youthful Lan... We got to see where their story began. I don't love NS, not like the rest of the series - its a little flat, and dull as some one else here said. There weren't many surprises, even the encounter with Cadsuane didn't add any thing - even back then no one stood up to the old bat! Still, when ever I do a reread of the series, I begin with New Spring...
  9. I agree. read them through if its your first read. There are some pleasurable moments, but very few, and I skip the whole sequence across the books on my re-reads. I don't think there is ANYTHING that should be skipped on a first time read of the series. Read it through, then make up your own mind... :-)
  10. Its going to be a sad, sad day... :-) Not that I was particularly good at thinking up new and earth shattering theories, but I loved to read others theories and comments and questions. It helped to get me through the waiting between book releases. But now? Hmm, sad, sad days ahead... :-) Might even need to resort to reading WOT fan fiction, some one is bound to write about life after The Last Battle!
  11. I think that Brandon would be grateful at the gesture either way - even if he already has a dozen of the ones you choose for him. But he does have a 'wish list' over at Amazon.com. You just type in his name in the 'find someones wish list' section (not sure what its called, but you should be able to find it). You could get an idea there of what he is after, and have them shipped to you so you can give them to him personally. I don't think its too fan boyish at all! Well, maybe it is, but he seems to be a down to earth guy, and would appreciate it for sure.
  12. Not to mention is completely out of control when he gets irked! Poor fellow in Ebou Dar, getting squished to a bloody pulp! Moridin didn't even realise until afterwards... I could just imagine being his lover, saying something that annoyed him and the next thing "squish!", there's a gholam lapping up at the bloody pile thats left of you! He is good looking though... :-)
  13. Well reasoned Brujah! Its a funny old world, I wouldn't hesitate to comment about how "hot" a female character is, and I would be genuinely surprised if anyone thought me a lesbian! Different for guys though... Thanks for opening this up to the straight guys!
  14. Ahh! I can't figure out how to do the Poll, sorry! I'd go for Wil al' Seen... :-)
  15. I'm being a copy cat, I know (sorry, Brujah) but the previous list didn't have any boys on it! :-)
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