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  1. Hey when did Mat die twice? He thinks he is no longer bound to the horn because of when he was hanged but the heros imply it was from another death that Rand saved him from.
  2. BS has several problems and has since he wrote the first book in this trilogy. Mainly, his dialog most of the time is just not good. He never seemed comfortable with the "voice" of the characters, and nowhere is that more clear than with ANY of the Aiel. He never could capture their essence in his writing and as a result their importance and screen time were dramatically reduced. I wish he had been better able to find that voice. Overall I thought there was no need to make this a trilogy, it could have been done in 2 books (which of course would have made a fitting number of books... 13!). Too many things seemed tossed in here, like the whole Wyld storyline and the end of Fain. At times it dragged too much and at other times critical plotlines and characters were killed off with little to no fanfare. Siun and Gareth Bryne are the prime example of that in my mind. While not a "main" character it was abrupt and weird. I am happy after 23 years we have an end. It was a long, strange, and at times amazing journey. While I certainly didn't expect every storyline to be wrapped up I did expect a few more finales. Seems like the only closures we had were with people who died :) And while on a personal level you can't help but be happy for Rand, that last page was just lame.
  3. Most natural part to me in the entire 3 that BS wrote was that awesome 1 up contest between Matt and Rand. The thing to remember (and Perrin points this out) is that this entire story takes place over 2 years. Not the 23 years I've been reading it! :)
  4. Three on a boat is a little different than 3 in the same boat ;) I just think some of the details got lost. It's sad but understandable.
  5. Finally caught up with this... what about Min's viewing that Aviendha would also have Rand's children but there was something strange about that? How could she have his kids if she was dead? That said, I don't think she will necessarily actually has them. In the weird Aiel sisterhood channeling ceremony there are the volunteer "mothers" who suffer the pangs of childbirth for them. I think somehow that is going to happen with Aviendha and some sort of Rand weirdness.
  6. I don't care what your opnion is, no need for that language! Geez. I'm disapointed. How could you not be? This isn't what any of us expected when Brandon was hired to complete the series, and I feel like a lot of the fault lies with Tor milking this thing to death. The one book becomes 3 books, the three books are promised a year apart but aren't, etc; Call me selfish but I DO wish there had been an agreement with the author to finish the WOT ahead of anything else. Brandon's other stuff is ok and I know he has his own fans, but I can't imagine they are anywhere near the size and scope of WOTers. Will I devour the last novel? Of course I will (assuming the Mayans got it wrong and a bus doesn't hit me). I picked up EOTW when I was 16 years old working as a cashier in Kmart waaaay back in 1990. I have waited well over half my life for this series to finish. So by god, it better finish well.
  7. So I come out of hiding about once a year to post about the new book... starting to feel like a pattern. Certainly better than waiting 4-5 years between posts ;) Anyway, I finished it up today. I don't know what to feel. Here's my opinion, humble or not. I think BS had too much material for 2 books, but not really enough for 3. So he decided to add a bunch of fluff to it. Look, it's not the first time it's happened. RJ himself was known to spend way too much time on women's clothing for example. But if you strip out so much of the mindless stuff and shift some action like the Tower to the last book this and TGS could have easily been combined. I feel like we got sold a bill of goods on the whole "Oh, there's just too much for two books" line. All the Elayne to Carhein stuff was irrelevant. The Perrin "trial" was just plain dumb. Some of the wolf stuff could have been cut down. I actually got more than a little tired of Morgase. I thought he built up to the scene in the Tower all book and then it really wasn't that great. If you want to write in great detail about stuff, THAT should have been the obvious choice. We've only waited what, 10 books for it? The losing the eye... really? That's it? Wow. Jain's death with absolutely zero explanations about all the really odd stuff going on with him. Oh look, Moiraine's back and she and Thom had this whole love affair that apparently we all missed. Aviendha was again very poorly written, almost an afterthought. For that matter when have the Aiel mattered at all in the last 2 books? BS just can't find their voice well. I didn't mind Gawyn and Egwene. The whole dreamspike thing was an odd addition, and I really didn't like it. Obvious of course that Taim has his own. People getting "replaced" is bizzarre, not sure why we needed that. I thought Lan's ride was funny, Matt's killing the golem was a neat trick, and what really happened with Rand and the Balefire incident somewhat amusing. What I absolutely hated was the new Rand Jesus we've been handed. I'm sorry... it's just ridiculous. I expected him to start wearing white and saying "All we are is dust in the wind." *sigh*
  8. Hehe, no. Honestly it bothered me because Brandon keeps talking about how there's so much material, and he could never fit it into 2 books let alone 1. But then we have scenes like that which are a complete waste of space.
  9. One more pet peeve :) He made such a huge deal out of the Red Knives and then they were kind of... lame. We only saw one of them, and he didn't seem to do much besides fulfill Min's viewing.
  10. Yep, I would agree with that. None of the Aiel were particularly on voice, and frankly became almost an afterthought. Pity.
  11. Hello all, first post. Finally got around to registering :) Finished reading the book yesterday and overall I liked it. There were, in my opinion, issues. But I could overlook most of them pretty easily. What I liked: Finally some resolution on Verin! I don't necessarily LIKE the resolution, but it was kind of cool. Resolution of the White Tower split. Very good to have that done with. At least one more Foresaken bites the dust permanently. Finally some interaction between Rand and Tuon. Elaida collared :) What I didn't like: I don't think Brandon quite captured Matt or Aviendha's voice. They weren't themselves. The whole resetting village thing. That was just pointless. I thought they made Rand go a bit too far. The sheer number of Black Ajah. By far my biggest pet peeve! We keep getting told how few Aes Sedia there are and something like 1/4 of them were Black Ajah!!! Come on. They way overdid that. Perrin and Faile... that was just kind of weird. Having her kill Maseema was just odd. I assume the next book will follow Perrin and Matt since we kept getting hints of what they were up to but not a lot of info. I assume at the end of TGS Rand and company are now several weeks "ahead" of where we last saw them. So the whole toss-out about Morgase I hope isn't just left like that. Overall I liked the book. I do think it could have been pared down some, which makes me wonder if we REALLY need 2 more after this.
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