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  1. Rand gets plenty of time if all he is going to do is sulk and be angry. He either needs to be whooping ass or smiling. There can't be enough of Mat. Elayne is more politics (not bad but not great)...which has dominated the series since fires of heaven. More decriptive action please. Its done so well I can't get enough. Lan and Nynaeve are cool. Prior to book 5 Nynaeve was annoying, now she is cool. Egwene was cool for 5 secs. To bad it didn't happen until book 11. AMOL will be good. It will also have 25% of what people want to happen in it. Another 25% will be a suprise and 50% will be politics and Egwene talking down to men.
  2. 13 then. 24 now. What really stinks is that I have a hard time picking up a new book until i'm finished with the last one (or series). WoT killed reading for me.......it was worth it.
  3. If your looking for more graphic romantic scenes RJ has done some...He hints at many things in WoT, but if you read his Conan novels you can see how he would finish his hints. Much spanking ensues.
  4. I have always assumed the Seachan version of the prophesy was tainted, but what if Rand really does need to kneel to Tuon. There are a lot of ways you could twist what kneeling to the crystal throne means. And seriously what if all Rand needs to do is kneel to her and then she agrees to cooperate fully (with his plans) as far as the last battle goes? I mean that hits his arrogance problem front and center as far as the prophecies go. Now debunk me. I'm too tired to read the relavant passages right now. I know the perspectives we have from Tuon don't really support this but please fire away i'm interested to have this fleshed out more.
  5. Has anyone read RJ's Conan books? The disparity in blatant sexuality between the two is hilarious. Not that it doesn't make sense. It does obviously, two different worlds, one soley his, and one with a back story ect... Wot is very sly and prim for the most part. You can read between the lines but nothings hanging out. There are glimpses in it of RJ's sensual talent (spanking, spanking and more spanking) but I would have never suspect the same author spun out the overt eroticism found in his Conan novels. Anyway the expression is an excellent example of the way RJ references but avoids, for the most part, darker sexual themes in WOT.
  6. Hmmmm... I'd say thing I find most annoying are posters that lack diplomatic posting skills. These boards are very well mannered for the most part but some posters are very condescending. I find it satisfying when people make the concession in their post - that their theory/reply is their opinion, even if it is somewhat redundant, because it reiterates that they understand they didn't write the series and they aren't infallible. Its great that there are strong opinions out there. If you took the time to post about something I understand it must be a fairly strong opinion. Toning down the rhetoric and finding common ground amid disagreements is even more satisfying. After all, anyone that comes here regularly is ultimately here to celebrate the series, author and fellow fans.
  7. I believe that Logain gave the creator credit for Rand's deed for two reasons. He sees the cleansing as mostly divine will/miracle and by giving the creator credit he can avoid giving Rand his due. Hypothetical thought process of Logain- After all, the pattern is ultimately the creators design and he mercifully decided to end the taint through Rand at that point in time. Rand was merely his instrument and can be conviently overlooked when credit is given.
  8. Cadsuane’s introduction scene is one of my principal problems with her. As of late she isn’t bad and has saved Rand’s behind several times. It wouldn’t kill Rand to tell her thank you. Other then that I respect your opinion Robert, but let me go through several places we differ. “She acts the way she does because if she tried to "make open and friendly efforts to reason with him" he would demand an oath of fealty or push her aside.†Rand’s pushing people away is a problem. I don’t think pushing your way in though, when you are a stranger Aes Sedia is a very helpful way to break him of that habit. If she truly wants to help an oath is not out of place. This seems to be our only significant point of contention. “Just because Cadsuane says some things that are uncomfortable to Rand, doesn't mean she's either wrong or a bad person. As for her manner ... personally, I don't even find it particularly rude. She's not coarse, she's blunt, with a purpose. There's something to be said for bluntness.†The devils seem to be in the details for us. We have each taken her encounters with Rand a little differently. I don’t have a problem with bluntness as long as it is polite bluntness. You can be diplomatic and blunt, which takes us back to the main point we differ on. (I happen to agree that Cadsuane is sensitive and has good intentions - but she is also as stubborn and woolheaded about her methods as her pupil – kind of hypocritical isn’t it? Where is her teacher to loving prod her to better manners?) Rand deserves her respect and kind advice about his behavior. He isn’t just another young man and as you say he happens to be smart and sensitive, even if it’s buried deep now. Most importantly, Rand is Cadsuane’s superior. Criticism is welcome, rudeness and disrespect are not. It is a fine line to tread, but it is doable and I personally believe Cadsuane should try this method. I say personally, because I understand you don’t agree. That is fine. For the record I said his good nature would repair itself just as well. Stubbornness and arrogance aren’t metal illnesses either. If you are referring to his hardness or Lews I believe there is another way to combat it that has nothing to do with pushing him or manners. I personally think this line is cool even if its shows he is on the brink “(Come against me if you dare! I am the storm! Come if you dare, Shai'tan! I am the Dragon Reborn!)â€. I mean that’s a balls to the wall call out. The alpha maleness of it awes me. Rand as the buttkicking savior is what makes the series for me. Yes, its nerdy, starwars-ish, typical fantasy fodder, but it has never been as polished or as well written before. Mat and Perrin just seal the deal. However, I could do with less of the frustrating elements and more of the butt kicking. For some people the gender wars and political maneuvering are what make the series. For me they both build it up and detract from it. A little less of both would go a long way. One mans opinion.
  9. Well first of all its not Cadsuane's place to 'fix' Rand's nature. That overstuffed old hag should worry about her own condescending nature first. Secondly, I can think of at least one part where Cadsuane at least contemplates interfering right off the top of my head. She wonders whether she should stop his plan to make a treaty with the Seanchan. Thirdly, telling Rand she is going to teach him manners is NOT divulging her plans. Too vague and arrogant of her. Rand's genuine good nature would 'repair' itself just as well if Cadsuane had been strait with him from the beginning and pledge openly to only aid him and not hinder his efforts. She has been doing better lately but needs a lesson in humility. Rand is above her. He is just as good natured (actually more so), infinitely stronger in the power, and just as wise. His tantrums as you name them (much like Cadsuane and Egwene....) are justified and understandable under the circumstances, if Cadsuance cannot understand the stress he is under and make open and friendly efforts to reason with him thats her problem.
  10. Yes, well the 'mirror' of our own gender order (or PAST order) makes for poor reading. So much of RJ's world is brilliant, so i can't complain too much, but TO ME the battle of the sexes has only weakened my experience. Women and men actually understand each other and generally get along without power struggles thank you. This element of 'fantasy' doesn't add to the series at all for me.
  11. Cadsuane vs Rand Don't think it will ever happen, but I wish it would. Now everyone else seems to side with Cadsuane and agree that Rand is a crazy, whiney, arrogant baby, and I agree partially. But Cadsuane has pushed and pulled at Rand from the moment she is introduced and still tries to steer him toward her goals, - nevermind you if its the right course or not. She is the one who showed up and began bothering him uninvited. Who is she to bother the Dragon Reborn? An arrogant question, but one worth asking. She could have come to him in sincerity and openess but did not. Instead she seems to believe he is hers to mold. Well RJ may love his 'strong' aunt characters but I find them dispicable. Where is the open love and kindness? (anyone that stays around Rand a while should love him for his selflessness and sacrifices if nothing else) Where is the reason and argument? We catch rare glimpses when Rand is out of commission but she never gives HIM a clear idea. Now now you will all argue that Rand needs and deserves the lessons he is getting from Cadsuane and that her methods are justified and in fact the only way to reach his arrogant self these days. You are dead wrong. And while i'm at it, you are also dead wrong about Egwene (cause they are the same character and if you like one you like the other and vice versa). Cadsuane is like Moiraine before necessity put Moiraine in her place. The Dragon is to be helped but not molded. Now I would agree that this is NOT the direction RJ is going with it, but it is the direction he should have went. Hrrrmph, back to the subject - A battle where Rand kills Cadsuane would make the series for me. I would cheer and cry repeatedly before pledging myself the Dragon's man forever. In general I like Mat's interaction with women characters much more then anyone else (like u didn't see that coming). He doesn't get pushed around, but he is noble and reasonable with them. And no, getting sexually assualted by a good looking women does not qualify as getting pushed around...
  12. Yep I remember that part Jackalyn, I'm trying to find it. I think there is some evidence to suggest the game went beyond kissing...
  13. One thing people are overlooking. Taim gave the Reds permission to ASK men if they will become warders, not to just bond them against their wishes. Unlike Rand who allowed them to take any dedicated or soldiers until they reached a matching number of bonded. At the very least it isn't clear what Taim intends as far as asking/not asking.
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