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  1. Just the calm before the store perhaps? *Quiets back down and tends to his book and his ale*
  2. Terrible nights sleep? I can sympathize. I'm working newborn hours for the first time ever. All worth it of course! Maybe some sunkist ale will rouse me a bit.. Fills stein and takes a long refreshing pull
  3. Well, I don't know if Amethea will agree, but that was certainly better for me! ;D
  4. Well, I thought I felt something bounce off my head! Good thing it's a solid head... Gets out of the way of the darts players
  5. Don't worry, I'm sure she can't stay away for too long. Things will get sorted, and then she'll sort the rest of us! :P
  6. I've been very good, if somewhat busy. Will probably be getting busier than ever soon, but I'm planning on sticking around without too many prolonged absences. After all, Ogier ale is good for the soul. Speaking of which... *trundles off to re-fill his stein*
  7. Cheers! Good to have our lovely pub open for business!
  8. My memory for movie and TV quotes (and song lyrics for that matter), is almost non-existant. So I have to have seen something multiple, multiple, multiple times before I can recall anything. Or if I do remember, I'll remember the scene and not have a clue what movie it was from. Then of course, there is the fact that I have been watching fewer and fewer movies lately...
  9. I have IE and have not noticed any problems. And I never even have my IE window full-size. Now then, a note for the Avatar police: I'm on a couple other messageboards that automatically check the size of a proposed avatar when you go to upload it. Of course, those boards don't allow remotely linked avatars. Still, you would think the feature might be there, since the link must be verified, you would think the ability to read the metadata and extract the size would be essentially the same as when checking an uploaded file... Just trying to save you guys the trouble of hunting down everyone with illegally sized avatars...
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