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  1. To me he sounded a bit like One-eye.
  2. Which might make Cadsuane freak out even more when she learns about the amount of saidian Rand just used, considering what lies close to Dragonmount... Was there an Asha'men in that room? Min's emotional access, even with distance, will reveal things that all is well swiftly. I am not so sure a madmans emotions is something to trust. Look at how it could seem. When Rand left, he was in a place where he had just nearly killed his own father, he had just been about to destroy the borderland army just because they did not want to meet with him, and then he leaves to destroy the Seanchan. Then he appears in a place far from where the Seanchan are, but quite close to someone else he has good reasons to be seriously pissed at - the WT. He goes through an emotional rollercoaster, uses a huge amount of Saidin, and all of a sudden he is in a jolly good mood. He's on Dragonmount for a few hours before he draws alot of the One power through the CK. This is a lot of time for Min and Cadsuane to worry about his intentions.
  3. Oh. Well, maybe she'll freak out when the Asha'man freak out about the Amount of Sadin that Rand drew in.
  4. Best scene: When rand snapped, touched the True Power and become a sociopath. That was crazy. He was a literal monster for a good part of the book. His redemption was a little corny but that was the second best scene. I look forward to the next book where Cadsuane is freaking out about where rand is, and then when Asha'man freakout about the amount of Sadin Rand drew in.
  5. I get what you mean it was certainly different, but RJ had also been increasing the detail in some of those visions, as if building them up for some sort of spoiler release to leave us guessing; I may be wrong and it may be BS deciding it was a good way to release some information. I just want to find out now how they met up and how it all unfolded. I NEED the next two books now; I can't help it I'm an addict! I had hoped that the Tower of Ghenji(sp?) arc would get finished up, but Mat just sat there for the most part. That was a disappointment.
  6. All the Aiel sounded off. And the maidens just disappear. Eladia lost a lot of her depth. She just became that wicked stepmother. Alot of secondary characters we not handled well either.
  7. I dunno man usually we find out this type of revelation directly through a POV not indirectly through Tam or Rand seeing Perrin meeting with Galad. It just feels off.
  8. It just sounds off, doesnt it? Like he left out a few Perrin Chapters.
  9. Yeah I was wondering how Tam found out about Morgase. I had thought I had missed it through my exhaustion.
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