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  1. Agreed. Certainly it's premature to assume he can stop anychanneler from sensing the Source. unless of course channelling the True Power has made some sort of connection that he now can exploit. might have been part of the grand plan...
  2. yeah i don't think that it could ever get bad enough for that to happen. the only thing i think RJ dropped the ball on is saying that the Shadow looks like its winning. it isn't, never really has done, and by the mechanics set in place never really can. after all, assuming that Rand was about to turn to the dark one the pattern would just have him die from a sudden heart attack or hell even a freak quantum fluctuation could make him dissolve into his component atoms. If enough balefire was being used to jeapordize it then it cheats. i imagine the pattern gave the Chosen the idea to stop using it in the war of the power, using their own ego's against them, but it made Ishy stop too, and he wants everything busted and had no reason to stop... sadly the light has insta-win on its side
  3. i think it unlikely for many reasons, but most of all for his fawning over Elayne. most of the forsaken are accounted for and i cant see Demandred doing it, even for a cunning scheme. i don't even think he's a darkfreind, no real hints of it
  4. it doesn't actually seem logical that the DO can win, becuase any act that will lead to his freedom can always be countered by adding more wheel changing chumps like the big three to the mix. Say rand was going to go nuts and blow himself up then another ta'veren could be created out of say Tam, which then twists chance so that just once in a billion rand listens to reason and guess what, he does! it's enough to make you feel sorry for poor old Moridin. His plan to break everything is a good one, but the DO can never actually win... he's better just finding a vacuole and ending it that way...
  5. after being convinced i'm now leaning to the conclusion it is entering the world of dreams in the flesh. but if that was the case what trouble could it cause? hmmm... evil clones? unravelling patterns? Past life conficts? i just don't know...
  6. alanna's bond would be my guess, since vaccuoles is apparently wrong book
  7. The reverse could be quite easily applied to you lad, looks like you are determined to see the worst in the face of valid objections from others ;D anyway on a snakes and foxes note maybe it 'is' possible to win at the game, but noone ever has, as it requires such epic feats as rolling double six twelve times in a row while the snakes and foxes roll a one twelve times in a row... but hey, maybe with mat's luck ;)
  8. my money on the plot device that is going to be immense in the net book is either vaccuoles or Alanna's bond. vaccuoles is my bet one...
  9. personally in terms of armed might unless the blight has something very nasty in store the Light looks pretty damn strong... of course all these armies should count for little...
  10. warning, major off the wall idea coming up ;) what is mentioned in i think book six, very minor, little dicussed? Vaccuoles ;D i think it weas Moggy who was thinking about experiemnts done in them in the AOL, where they are outisde the pattern and its rules, and if it closes up with someone inside they and their thread were gone forever... i think you can see where i'm going with this.... ;) the minor mention that has been overlooked and is major important is vaccuolers, i stake my reputaion (which i dont have) on it. either an important thread snaps off in one, or they realise that the DO's prison is in fact a vaccuole, being outside the pattern. and then you could maybe unanchor it from the pattern, sealing it again... or many other tasty options ;)
  11. i happen to be thinking that Alanna's bond to Rand hasn't done all that much yet. happened in books 4-6 as i recall too ;) my guess is Alanna is killed and that transmits the death feeling to Rand, causing him to go Lan style nutso. shame as he was just getting better as well.... ;D in fact i feel that Nynaeve's little chat about healing the pain of a dead warder might be relevant. after all, daighin might not want to forget her warder, but Rand his aes sedia who bonded him against his will? maybe so ;D
  12. well, it was obvious that Ishy knew that the world would end when the DO won, all the titles of his books and the refelctions of LTT over the course of things showed it. nice to get final comfirmation though. the comments about selfishness being the tool the Great Lord uses is also genious and makes sense. again further improving my views of IShy. after all, he probably believes even a little that it would be best for everyone to be free of the wheel, even if that meant annihilation. how benevolent of him :D
  13. yep i most certainly do, see my theory a couple of posts above yours ;D
  14. personally i thought that was Mat trying to be flippant as usual and trying to annoy the Aes Sedai as he does so well...
  15. i thought it was a good review, but it was wise of you to put in your disclaimer as it makes your praise more understandable. however, don't think this means i am critisizing the book as i am not. to me it was a top 3 and completely unputdownable, easily as good as KoD
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