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  1. Hmm. It seems the book has been very well received. I haven't quite finished it yet. I have to admit that E've definitely enjoyed most every scene so far, but as time progressed I began skipping to see Egwene's roll. Satisfaction in its entirety. Wow... I'll agree that some scenes were very unsatisfactorily 'not' Robert Jordan. But accepting that, i think it's unlikely that we could have gotten a better author than Sanderson to continue. True he said that he wasn't going to try to mimic Jordan, but is it just me, or did anyone else grow irritated at how he seems to jump around? A single chapter i'm reading about Rand. The next chapter egwene. Then suddenly Tuon. Then Cadsuane. Then Perrin. Then 'what the hell?' lets go back to Egwene. Just for kicks and giggles... but NOT change the chapter? If memory serves Jordan ran most of his chapters in small 'arcs.' A Perrin arc which lasted for say three to five chapters. Then an egwene arc. Then a Rand, etc. etc. But this just keeps JUMPING! I find myself having difficulty connecting to the characters when every 'moment' i find myself switching scenes! Jordan made it utterly 'infuriating' with his arcs. He would get you so utterly immersed in a character that you just HAD to know more! Sanderson has gone the opposite direction. Probably not the proper section to complain about the 'structure' of the book but it seems to have gotten a bit off topic once or twice. Moving on to favorite scenes... uhm..., Egwene is an utter badass. She should have badass engraved into the great serpent on her ring. Verin should probably be 'renamed' with the word. Still can decide whether the scene where she debates Elaida down or talks with Verin are the better. Speaking of Elaida, anyone else think she was a bit too... I dunno... too much of an idiot? I mean sure she's always been pretty bad, but Jordan never showed her as 'utterly incompetent' as she was portrayed here. Still loved the ending for her. Saw it coming from the moment Egwene had her ravens dream back in book 10 though. Ah well. If Moiraine's return comes anywhere close to Verin's scene, then I suppose I will be content no matter how the series ends. As for Mat. Eh... He's Mat enough for me. Talmanes joking at him about acting Husbandly, and his indignant replies was enough to satisfy me. Course I haven't read the later scenes. Hope I don't hate em. I have yet to read chapter 22 which seems to be an impressive chapter. Needless to say I've neither read Veins. But it seems i have something to look forward to in both.
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