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  1. I've had the idea somewhere since around book 7 that the seal on the Dark One's prison is kind of like a shield put on a channeler. The cuendillar seals are like the hard "focal points" that Rand feels at the end of LoC when channelers tie off their shield weaves. These focal points give the Dark One something to work against. Initially, I had thought that the taint come from the Dark One being able to touch saidin through the "shield" on him, but that turned out not to be true. :) In any event, going with the idea that the seals are hard points like one a channeler's shield, perhaps the seals are weakened and broken by the dark one interacting with them? While cuendillar gets stronger with any focus directed at it, would the DO be able to leech power away from them over time, weakening them?
  2. are you talking of back in the Age of Legends? because he was not spun out this time... he was released from his prison. And since i have no proof to disprove all this nonsense, i am content with waiting till the last 2 books come out, and then i'll be back and can tell you crazy people that you are all wrong :D lol Actually he was released from his prison, destroyed and then reborn. But the point im trying to make is that if one dies, the other dies. Yar, but Ishy was already killed and Rand didn't die. It could be because of the balefire crossing, and then you could say the Pattern made them cross streams so they would be connected, I guess. Rand is ta'veren, he brings to him what he needs, often times before he needs it, and without him even knowing he needs it. Maybe the whole point was so that he could get out of the male a'dam. Maybe it's for more. But I think it's safe to assume that it was important/meant to happen and that it was the pattern or Rand's ta'veren nature or whatever you want to call it that wound up tugging Moridin there to help Rand and to pull Mashadar into an area they were both in so they would both resort to balefire.
  3. I always thought (for some reason) that SH was using the TP to shield the forsaken ... the difference being, when you are shielded with the TP, you don't even sense the OP. It's like you were never able to channel to begin with. I guess I thought he had something to do with the TP given the reaction of Graendal's birds and some verbiage related to feelings of menace and darkness or something. I'll have to look it up. I remember something about it with Moghedien as well when she was imprisoned in the vacuole.
  4. Yes, really, I'm complaining about that. :) I did say when I originally brought it up that it was nitpicky but I didn't like it. What's so hard for him to stick to the norms already established and put in "Blood and" instead of "Bloody"?
  5. While you may disagree with my point of view (and I disagree with some of yours), I wouldn't expect anyone to say that I was being "petty". I think, especially in a literary tale, that how people communicate, the words they choose and the actions they take are a very large aspect of who the character is. Mat's choice of vernacular in this book was very different than any previous book. He is a rogue, not a jester. How many times has Mat said that he didn't read very much, or didn't have much to do with books? This is the same person that invented characters and wrote pages of backstory for each? Honestly Mat's behavior, the way he was written and the way he said things are perhaps frivolous independently but the character is a sum of the whole, not just the individual parts. When taken together, all of these items compose a different character that who Mat is. A parody. I'd've expected that sort of thing out of a piece of comical fan fiction, not an actual Wheel of Time book. I have no problem with BS using a different "voice" than RJ. I expect the writing style to be different. I expect the description to be different. I expect the characters to retain the same spirit. I expect there to be continuity in who the characters are. I simply feel that while BS was spot on with many characters, he was off with Mat. To a lesser extent, with Verin and Nynaeve. A lot of people share my opinion to one degree or another about Mat. Many don't. There's nothing wrong with that. :) I hope BS takes the criticism constructively and adjusts for the next book. Oh, and I challenge you to find an example of someone saying, "Bloody Ashes" or "For Light's Sake" in the books before The Gathering Storm. I can't remember any (that doesn't mean they don't exist) but I'll be the first to say I was wrong about that if they exist before TGS. :)
  6. I can definitely see the point about the characters essentially being the same with different names. I do feel like a lot of their individuality was toned waaaay down in this book. One part that stuck out to me was Nynaeve's ardent defense of Mat to Tuon. I simply couldn't believe it. Nynaeve would have been much more begruding or at least much more ... I dunno ... condescending, even if she decided "outlanders can't besmirch two rivers folk" ... and that line of thought would have been pointed out to the reader that it was why she decided to praise Mat. But really, she'd never have praised him that much. Or that vehemently. Aside from that (and aside from the Aiel), I do think that most character names would probably be interchangeable. I thought in Mat's whole retinue that maybe Brandon got Thom and Olver tones well enough, though I think Olver had all of 1 line ... and even then Thom's exchanges with Mat seemed very unlikely. Reminiscing about training to be a gleeman? I don't think Mat ever liked to actively reminisce with anyone. And I doubt Thom would do it either.
  7. So then a manifestation of the supposed body swap theory? Moriding looking and acting more like Rand, Rand looking and acting more like Moridin?
  8. Makes you wonder ... does Rand have the black lines connecting him to the Dark One now? Does one get that by using the TP? By touching "HIM" does he in turn touch you, and connect himself?
  9. I went back and re-read "Veins of Gold" ... are we to infer that Rand can remember hundreds+ of his previous lives now? In greater or lesser number? Sort of like Birgitte after she was ripped from TAR?
  10. I think they made a point of stating several times in the books that the CK were too powerful and that no one should have that much power. Even LTT thought that no one should have it. It was becoming obvious that Rand had lost his fear of it and was gaining some sort of dependency on it ... possibly an addiction to Saidin. Also, Cadsuane commented that she thought the whole effort with Sem was to get the CK back to Rand. The times he used it, he resorted to balefire, which the DO wants unleashed on his behalf. I think with the unification between LTT and Rand he probably realized that the way to win wasn't with the CK and that he couldn't trust himself with it, just like he couldn't trust himself with Callandor.
  11. I thought Verin's big reveal to Egwene was poorly done ... it seemed kinda fanfic to me. Your shirt is green! lol just kidding I'm black ajah! Other than that, I thought the vast majority of Rand's stuff was rather well done, with a few exceptions. The whole nuking Graendal thing didn't seem very Rand ... how he sent the person to be compelled and the questions ... just didn't seem very Rand, no matter how he had changed. I did like Rand speaking about LTT's memories as his own. I also liked the usage of plurals and creepy level of familiarity. Mat, didn't care for, don't think he needed to be in the book. He seemed like a Perrin-lite with all the worrying about Tuon. Thank God it didn't turn into another first few chapters of A Crown of Swords. :) Perrin seemed irrelevant too. I liked Tam's scene and the end, I thought those were well done. All of Egwene's stuff was well done and I liked her battle with the Seanchan, though I thought her dreams had something to do with a Seanchan woman helping her in the same context as the attacks on the WT? Maybe not. Rand's meeting with Moridin seemed good for the most part. I did think it kind of forced that Moridin just reveals that Rand has to balefire Forsaken to prevent them from coming back. Yes, he's ta'veren but that seemed a little TOO convenient. Speaking of Rand, it took me by surprise completely that he would be able to tap into the TP, and that chapter will be one of my favorites of the series I am sure. After that a lot of people talk about a dark aura around him, and he seems to think he can will the Pattern to do things for him. A lot of people start reacting very differently to his demands after that, especially when they notice the darkness. Tuon, in particular, seemed very compelled to make an alliance with him, to do anything to please him. Should I construe this as him using the TP, being able to weave the pattern itself, or something else?
  12. I'd've been happy to have that in place of Mat's adventures after dark or pretty much any Perrin chapter.
  13. There were a few instances where I thought "wtf is this guy doing". Like I said, the majority of the book is good, but some of it... I just can't reconcile myself. Here they are. Spoiler alert, but I assume if you're in here then you're cool with spoilers. :) 1. Mat, pretty much all of it. Working on pages of backstory? Stating that there is "good material" to work with in the 4+ pages of stuff he wrote? That is not Mat. At all. In fact, the majority of Mat's scenes (and Perrin's) seemed completely useless, unless it was all supposedly a build up to meeting Verin. Which brings me to 2. Verin, pretty much all of it again. She just didn't read like herself. At all. When you put her with Mat it was even more bizarre, like a parody. I expected that type of dialogue in Lucker's sig, not in TGS (no offense, Luckers ;)) 3. Rand's "punch a woman in the face" remark. Yes, Rand was going off the deep end ... but really? Punch a woman in the face? That's what he said? The rest is really nit picky. When did people start saying things like, "For Light's sake" and "bloody ashes" (I believe the term is "blood and ashes"). Actually a lot of little pieces of dialogue like that just kept breaking the immersion for me. I get that BS is different than RJ and has his own style but ... at least you could keep continuity in the world and not start sprinkling new vernacular into the story without explanation and without warning. Overall I liked the book though the Mat and Verin parts are enough to knock it down a few books. I'd rank this one near the bottom, above A Crown of Swords, Crossroads of Twilight and Winter's Heart. Definitely not as good as the first 6. Or Knife of Dreams. I had mixed feelings on the chapter layout. Yes it seemed fast paced, but at the same time there was no story-arc feel to it, no sense of continuity, and some things that we'd been waiting to see happened off screen, or were unfulfilling. (really? Graendal is taken out that way? REALLY?) Oh well, at least we get the last books more quickly.
  14. I'm still reading the book. First, the first half of the book has been really, really good. Now that I'm in the last half of the book ... I hate to say this, but it is becoming very cringe inducing. Especially the sections with Mat around the time he meets Verin. What kind of dialogue is this? I had to set the book down after Mat used the word "saidared". Seriously? SERIOUSLY? That is horrible. The characters and the story deserve better than the dialogue in this section. What a travesty. This book started out so good that I thought I could forgive what behavior/dialogue that seemed incongruous with the characters. But Mat's sections are getting to be a real mockery of what his character is. I needed to get that off my chest.
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