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  1. Why has discussion of the quality stopped? Maybe we should work on compiling a topic list of errors (continuity, timeline, prose, mischaraterization, plot issues). Thoughts?
  2. This also, what i dont get is moghedian is a relativly weak forsaken with the abudnance of channelers in the age of legends wouldnt their have been more powerful forsaken then her. Blah blah blah i know the whole greed exscuse (which makes little sense if he was scared of them betraying him why not just 13x13). Why didnt the DO transmigrate tons of his old lost choson instead of only bringing back a couple of them once rand had killed them. The dark ones power is flawed earlier in the series. @rane008 There are a huge number of souls that can channel, there were far more people living in the AOL than in Rand's time. All those souls can be reborn into new bodies that have been bred. As to your paradox, it could be that only a body with the correct genetics can accept/be attached to a soul that has channeling abilities. Think of it like a heart transplant, the recipient body needs to be able to accept the donated heart. @NitroS I assumed that transmigration has to happen soon after the soul has died for the DO to insert it into a new body, if too long has passed, then the DO can't stick it in a new body. As to Moghedien, she may have been among the weakest surviving forsaken, but all 13 [ including her ] were among the most powerful of the original forsaken. See I can't really buy this. Does this mean there are thousands of souls out there just waiting to be reborn, but they can't because there is the correct genetic sequence? Further, if the percentage of the population that could channel goes up, then do the souls that can't just wait for thousands of years to be reborn? Presumedly there are souls that have been waiting for tens of thousands of years to be reborn because there are either too many or too few with the channeling gene? I guess this is what happens when you try to incorporate science into religion.
  3. I've always thought that the channeling ability as a genetic trait was a corner that Jordan painted himself into. Didn't he also say that channeling was tied to the soul (e.g., A'rangar)? If that's so, then there are only so many souls that can channel and you shouldn't be able to breed more of them. It's also a contradiction: Is the trait tied to the soul or to genetics. I have a hard time seeing how it could be both.
  4. I am relatively certain that I will not be re-reading the series. The last 2 books were such a let-down that I will be cutting ties with the WOT and moving on (though I will still post on this and other DM threads). Further, I always tell people who ask about the series that I loved it up until the last few books--that is the caveat that I think should be known before starting such a long series. ***SUBJECTIVE OPINION AHEAD*** Structural, editing, and other literary issues aside, I found the ending so lacking in any type of feeling of legend. Nothing distinguished the telling of this turn of the wheel from any other. I had really thought that Fain would play a role, but nope, he just gets stabbed. The sublety of Robert's writing was butchered under Brandon. And even with that, I thought the ending that Jordan had called for was flat. It would have been an interesting and (possibly) legendary ending had the books wrapped after TSR or abouts, but the longer the series went, the more I felt that all the threads of the various storylines, prophecies, and foretelling would come together in some grand, epic conclusion. And that is not what we got.
  5. Ah, c'mon Barid! Look where this thread has gone since we banned ad hominem attacks! It's in a coma!
  6. Vambram, I'm gonna be really short and clear here. Let's say I have a car, a Pinto perhaps. Due to a flaw in the wiring, the car explodes. Objective fact. My not liking the shape of the fireball that the car made is an opinion. Subjective.
  7. Sure did the Reception of them, not content of them (but i do think they are all really good. Go wipe your memory of everything star wars then watch 1-6 tell me which one was your favourite) Have you even checked on IMDB or Metacritic for the weighted reviews of the Prequels? In plagiarizing Mr. Ares, I say of your argument, Utter Nonsense.
  8. Head to the last page and work back. Vast majority there are about no eBook, which I have to say is a stupid reason to give the book 1 star.
  9. Vambram! You're back! SOOOO stoked. I know you like to think that DM'ers were expecting too much, but as many on this topic have stated repeatedly, our main issues with the book are NOT subjective, but objective. Fanboi goggles may allow you to ignore the actual editing errors, continuity issues, mischaracterizations, bulky prose, and timeline clusterf*cks, but for many of us, they ruin the book. We are fans fo this series just like everyone else, and we wanted at least a decent book to wrap it up. TOM was a waste of time, and AMOL just carries on that legacy.
  10. Great...Lucky...Ending...Unjustified... See here's the thing, it's the same refrain. I feel like I'm on r/WOT over here. We are clearly justified in critquing BS. Literary critique is not negativity per se. Hell, if BS were to read this thread, maybe he could take some pointers from the community who has been diligent about pointing out flaws. And these were legion. No subjectivity needed here, AMOL was at best mediocre. That said, I did enjoy TGS and was excited that BS would complete the series. Until I read TOM. And then AMOL. Now I am say. Psarckaenuey
  11. I must have missed the part where the Egwene thread turned into the Battles thread. Please advise.
  12. A year to write/finish the editing process for books of this length is far too rushed. We saw quite clearly what happened to the quality when they tried to hold to that schedule for these last three. Hell plot decisions were actually made on certain things not being finished or ready as in the BT being moved from ToM to AMoL as opposed to what was best for the plot. When RJ hit that pace early in his career it was manily because he had quite a bit of the content all ready written. Ya, but either way he could have written faster. Maybe 2 years per book is appropriate. Just pointing out that if the books took 2 years each AND we had the same number of books in the end, we'd be waiting till 2018 to get the final book.
  13. I don't see how that matters. So what if someone comes off as smug? Did they point out a real error? Great. That's the point of this thread.
  14. Dude, it's a typos and errata thread. If you don't want to read about mistakes, don't read the thread.
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