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  1. lol, I had a dream once I was an awesome sword fighter (and I'm a girl..) and I was fighting the DO along with some tinker friends... can you believe it??? It was the most beautyful place.. a green field but drained with blood, I had defeated most trollocs, and then I saw the DO... I came near to fight him.... didn't quite win though.....
  2. Seriously, how could a human being run (very fast) and keep it up all day? Look at marathon runners, they're quite fast but after an hour or 4 they are exhausted and they are the fittest people on this planet. How can the Aiel keep this up? It keeps bothering me when i read the series, it's just not realistic.....
  3. to kinda quote another reply... Would you seriously consider believing the dark one even if you were Ishamael?
  4. Has anyone else noticed that Ishamael differs from the other forsaken in the sense that he has been living longer? I havent seen any other forsaken claiming they have fought this battle a billion times... Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't help wondering about the implications this has about Ishamael's identity (is he perhaps the "great lord" to be born again?)
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