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  1. Imagine spending that much time on something you hate. A little pointless and with just a touch of sad.
  2. As to how good Gaywn an Galad are, well remeber Mat gave them both a good beating <bk 3 I think>. Sparring doesn't count I think. Its ethier to the death in fair combat, or voted on by a council of 5 blademasters.
  3. I felt the same about the dire-wolves :'(.
  4. Don't hate them as such. However they live in an Ivory tower, where their belief in their selves and they right to meddle, is supported and encouraged by the whole. Power corrupts, an not always in big meglomanic ways. Also I don't think Aes Sedai would make good pie.
  5. Well there was that Seanchan blademaster that Rand killed in book 2, so there is possibly quite a few living ones.
  6. I'd imagine that the training would weed out some people with major flaws in character. However something that minor would probably go undetected. All people have nasty thoughts. Also look at the Aes Sedai as a whole, there's some really unpleasent characters. Most of the Red ajah appear to have a real dislike for men, not just those who can channel. So where the ideas seems so petty as to be trivial, its that little crack in the rock, just enough for the DO to exploit. Sheriam was probably not that evil, just that vindictivness got her caught up in something she couldn't contr
  7. The reason does sound petty, however it does sound more belivable. It's not the over-blown superevil, just a petty nastiness. Kind of sounds more human.
  8. Good to see Hooper back, I do like the wolves. Morgase and Galad meeting is going to be interesting. An how Faile/Perrin are going to react to finding the ex-Queen of Andor as the maid. Is it possible that Galad will excute Byar and the other one, for not helping during the battle at the Edmonds field.
  9. One thing that is bugging me is the cannons. Going to have to be an awful lot of raw materials and bell founders in Andor. Seems that TG is getting very close, an Cannons are going to take a good amount time to build, let alone test, train with and provision. On the whole I enjoyed Mats chapters, however I did feel that Tal/Thom/Mat were very differently potrayed than the previous books. I do look forward to more Mat and Tuon though. On a side note. The moment I started reading of Rand and Tuon meeting, I thought Rand was going to discover who she was married to.
  10. It's really good, lot of charcters doing a lot of bad stuff to each other ;D. I got to echo what Tsunami said, where as Jordan's bedroom scences fade to black, most of Martians want you wash your eyes. Considering the age of some of the charcters. Also A dance with dragons is taking a good while for him to write, I think its around the 4 year mark now so read the others slow.
  11. http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Karaethon_Cycle That seems to have most of it, it's pretty long ;D
  12. Well that the whole problem with Aes Sedai, wise ones, sea folks, even the womens circle in Edmonds field. However I don't think Rands been skillful enough in manipulating them up untill now. Also comming from Cadsuane point of view, for the majority of her life, she probably has know best or at least more than the people she has dealt with. Thats going to be a hard mindset to change after 300 years.
  13. Rands plotline was my favourite, and I've never enjoyed his viewpoint as much as Mat and Perrins in the previous books. Now if the true power is a gift from the Dark one, I'd imagine it would corrupt all that touch it. To me it smells like a DO plot to twist Rand. A sort of temptation, going to be hard to resist all that power. Be interested to see how he now reacts to the Aes Sedai and the Seanchan, I have a few theories. Also with callandor needing to 2 Female channellers to use, makes rescuing Moriane seem like a really important step.
  14. Wonder whats in the letter, really really curious now. Could be a list of sisters that are dark near or around Andor. Or something about snakes and foxes, or maybe one of the sisters with Mat is a darkfriend. Maybe it's to do with the Horn, been wondering how Mats going to get his sticky paws back on it for a few books now. Lots of things that Mat could be upto in the next book. I don't see the execution of the BA as a sour note, shows that Egwene going to be able to make tough decisions in the future. Though 200 plus sisters being darkfriends is scary, would Aes Sedai be more vunerab
  15. I don't think they can manipulate him now. The way I see it he's going to be able to delegte properly . A big thing was his inability to trust all but a few people, I don't see him having that problem anymore. He knows why he is fighting, and has a fair Idea of where he needs to fight. Now he just has to make sure that everyone else knows where to be and when. It's also going to be far easier as sunny Rand to get people to follow him, than it was a dark Rand.
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