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  1. i havn't heard any but 12+13. Audible (on my iPhone) has 4 and 5 seperate files with multiple chapters in them. At the start/end of each of those files there is that music. I figured it was an audible thing but...man it fits for some reason. Especially IMO the music for book 12. Was hoping I could bring that music to more parts of my life and think on what lay ahead for the finale 0.o :biting nails:
  2. I read them when they came out but only recently got the audio books (gotta love Kramer/Reading!) Anyway I notice audible has these little musical...motif's and I iwas curious if all 13 books have them. But more importantly if there were fully developed pieces behind those mptif's, what are they and where can I find them?!?! Thanks =)
  3. my favorite part of the entire series so far was in ToM and it involved Matt, acorns, a badger and a bag =)
  4. if you're like me, you're favorite scene from all 13 books will be found in it =)
  5. mine came off quite easily. I got it at Books a Million I believe, so maybe the stickers are different.
  6. how do we know this? I must've missed it
  7. I read the title and coldn't hep but think of this. "Don't ask me silly question, I won't play silly games, I'm just a simple choo-choo train and I'll always be the same." My friend just lent me The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and I had to pause that when ToM came out. Anyway... just thought it was an interesting choice of words =) [edit] - actually that's strange - I think I have Dark Tower on the brain 0.o I thought the title said "silly" not "simple" =/
  8. I bet Olver is Birgitta's ugly lover finally spun out of the pattern. What was his name? Gaidal Kain?
  9. jeeez.... I thouht you guys were joking about the chicken...holy crap
  10. I would like to voice my suggestion of the entire Ender series, the shadow books as well. The shadow books that focus on Bean are a lot different than the core Ender books, but all together the epic is so huge and delightful to live in for a while =) Also, I highly recommend Asimov. Foundation series is AMAZING, and his robot novels are a lot of fun.
  11. hahahahahahaha man I'm soooo happy to hear that other people have had similar reactions. I keep telling my brother to pick up WoT, and I think I gave him the audio books (which I highly recommend) to listen to as I always lend out the books =P Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts =) can't wait till tomorrow!
  12. I really don't want to make my first post be something redundant, and please direct me to where I can find more info on this if I failed to find it. I did a search but came up empty handed and with really old posts. Basically, I started reading the first two books waiting for Brian S. to finish the new book and I can't help but feel like I'm reading a sort of child's version of the WoT. I don't mean to hate, TG does a pretty good job at telling a story but... anyway I don't want to just start criticizing but wanted some input from you all. Is it just me? Am I crazy to feel like TG is
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