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  1. i havn't heard any but 12+13. Audible (on my iPhone) has 4 and 5 seperate files with multiple chapters in them. At the start/end of each of those files there is that music. I figured it was an audible thing but...man it fits for some reason. Especially IMO the music for book 12. Was hoping I could bring that music to more parts of my life and think on what lay ahead for the finale 0.o :biting nails:
  2. I read them when they came out but only recently got the audio books (gotta love Kramer/Reading!) Anyway I notice audible has these little musical...motif's and I iwas curious if all 13 books have them. But more importantly if there were fully developed pieces behind those mptif's, what are they and where can I find them?!?! Thanks =)
  3. Idont know, but it's funny you post that because ten million birds have descended on my back yard this morning o.O
  4. my favorite part of the entire series so far was in ToM and it involved Matt, acorns, a badger and a bag =)
  5. no George Orwell? no Umberto Eco? no Joseph Heller?
  6. if you're like me, you're favorite scene from all 13 books will be found in it =)
  7. mine came off quite easily. I got it at Books a Million I believe, so maybe the stickers are different.
  8. how do we know this? I must've missed it
  9. I read the title and coldn't hep but think of this. "Don't ask me silly question, I won't play silly games, I'm just a simple choo-choo train and I'll always be the same." My friend just lent me The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and I had to pause that when ToM came out. Anyway... just thought it was an interesting choice of words =) [edit] - actually that's strange - I think I have Dark Tower on the brain 0.o I thought the title said "silly" not "simple" =/
  10. I just had to post and say thank you for giving me hope. I'm not good at riddles, but this was the first time I heard a new riddle, and figured it out. Took me about 20 seconds, shamefully, but... yay! I feel human!
  11. I bet Olver is Birgitta's ugly lover finally spun out of the pattern. What was his name? Gaidal Kain?
  12. jeeez.... I thouht you guys were joking about the chicken...holy crap
  13. I would like to voice my suggestion of the entire Ender series, the shadow books as well. The shadow books that focus on Bean are a lot different than the core Ender books, but all together the epic is so huge and delightful to live in for a while =) Also, I highly recommend Asimov. Foundation series is AMAZING, and his robot novels are a lot of fun.
  14. hahahahahahaha man I'm soooo happy to hear that other people have had similar reactions. I keep telling my brother to pick up WoT, and I think I gave him the audio books (which I highly recommend) to listen to as I always lend out the books =P Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts =) can't wait till tomorrow!
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