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  1. I voted Perrin. The reason that Perrin is mentioned twice (Fallen Blacksmith and Broken Wolf) is because Perrin is a blacksmith in the real world and he is a wolf in TAR. I think it's obvious that Perrin is going to do the fighting in two places - real world and TAR.
  2. In WH, at Cleansing, Demandred did not recognize Flinn. If he is Taim, it's not possible, since Flinn is the first Ashaman, the first man he tested.
  3. I have the following problems with this: 1) With the exception of LTT, there are no other channelers in the HoH list. All of them are regular people destined to make legendary stuff in their lives. You could even argue that LTT included in the list is a mistake, unless you consider the whole save-the-world type of deal. So, if we exclude channelers from "qualified" to be HoH, that leaves Mat and Perrin. 2) From the very rare exceptions of Hawkwing and LTT, none of the HoH are ta'veren. At least we never heard of any of those guys and gals to be one. And we had a plenty of opportunity to hear it. That alone should disqualify Mat and Perrin. 3) But if we consider ta'veren to be qualified, there are still no legendary staff that we can count as worthy of HoH status. Yes, Mat did amazing battles with his Army, but we heard of amazing Generals in past and present and none of them is that much worse than Mat. You could look at what Ituralde did defending Maradon and you can easily see what I mean. Perrin did even less than Mat in this regard. And finally, I personally see HoHs as someone brought up to the world as regular person and during his/her repeated lives did amazing and legendary things. Granted "amazing and legendary" is subjective thing. But if you can think of a person that the whole world think is legendary - then probably he/she is qualified. That brings us to Lan. I'm inclined to beleive that either he's HoH re-born or soon-to-be HoH. He's status is legendary among all nations in Randland. Even Aiel.
  4. Pretty awesome. " A Lily In The Winter"...Winters Heart. Fish +1. It's one of mine too. The other one - "Far Snow".
  5. This. And yes, reading "Veins of Gold" from Perrin's POV was awesome. I liked different timelines very much, actually. Knowing before hand, that these books were supposed to be one book, I figured that there bound to be some overlappings in timeline. And I would rather enjoy reading fully developed storyline knowing that timelines will eventually meet. Trick with Tam was briliant. I don't understand why people complain too much. It was very obvious from the beginning - Tam appears at the end of tGS in Rand's timeline and in the ToM we go back to Perrin's timeline where Tam is also present. Frankly, I don't want books written with subtitles "Three months ago..." or "Two hours earlier..." as they do it in the movies.
  6. I guess you must not see "Pulp fiction" then. It would spin your head clean off with all those "storylines" mixed up. </sarcasm>
  7. Isn't line vertical? Otherwise Deathgates will look pretty stupid opening in up/down direction
  8. In the same place Verin was saying that if DO is free in one world, he is free in all worlds.
  9. Did you miss sarcasm classes in school? Did you? Because usually I find sarcasm requires some degree of wittiness. That may just be me, though. I guess I will file it under "Aiel not getting Two Rivers joke"... :/
  10. I blame Brandon Sanderson for this mistake because of his poor writing skills and monking around with timeline. /sarcasm.
  11. One of my favorite - when Rand explains a Two Rivers joke to Aiel.
  12. The argument is flawed because it means any Borderland armies are just sitting and waiting. Which they clearly are not. If regular army can go and fight and train and polish skills, I don't see why Greens can't do it the same way. Yes there would be some periods of inactivities, but this is true for any army in the world. It doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.
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