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  1. Yeah just finished, Wow I'm still Num Thanks to both Harriet and Brandon for completing Roberts great epic.
  2. Ring of Fire III by Eric Flint.
  3. All these little extra bits of time for this and for that just makes me think the book is not going to live up to all the hype. It will be such a disappointment. Well I'll expect the worst hope for the best and if its half as good as all the delays seem to say it may be, well here's hoping with my fingers crossed and toes included
  4. What a waste of space, bringing new characters into the storyline at this late date. What a pain :(
  5. 1. All of Perin POV 2. All of Rands POV 3. Matts ToG 4. Ituralde, Yoili POV 5. Nynaeve POV 6. Min, Cad, Avie
  6. I'm glad I came in late, I would have been really piss if I'd found out that RJ had left this world for the better place and left us with no ending, as newbie its been a good journey.
  7. It can't be done, Brandon spent to much time on Eggy in ToM and should have resolved the Shaunsean Thread in ToM so the last book could be spent covering the battle and the prelude. What we are going to get is a few chapters on the Andor problem, the Shaunsean attack(maybe) on the White Tower and the Black Towers sticky wicket. How can you do justice to all those threads and deliver and epic. The Eggy and co in this series have had a lot to do and the boys seem more like bench warmers, brought on the field at crittical times in each story. The last book was an exception to the rule but we all know Perrin had to have his day. If the boys don't dominate this last book I feel that being what they are has been way under ultilized not only in the last book but the rest of the series. Leaving until the last book to have the boys use there ability to communicate with each other is a damn shame. These are just some of the reason I can't see Brandon satisficing my WoT addiction.
  8. Mazrim Taim just another present day power hungry channeller who is a Darkfriend. I can't wait to see the meeting between him and Rand. He's going to do brick size fece.
  9. Well thats interesting, nice work. It does look like all Prophecy may happen regardless of whether they have a Dark meaning or not. As to my way of thinking regarding Dark and Light prophecy they seem more like a If then Else statement. If this Prophecy happens then these things will happen Else this has a better chance of happening. Not so much as a Balancing scale or counter.
  10. Has any of the Dark Prophecy come about and has the light counted any of them?
  11. I suspect that the Dark Prophecy are there as a counter balance where only one of the Dark Prophecy has to come true for the Light to loose, the light needs all their prophecy to come about or stuff like the above argument will happen and if one of the Dark Prophecy were to come about I think there will be a Domino affect and all the Dark Prophecy fore-told will happen and there will be no saving the Light. Now how can we counter this prophecy. if Lanfear is the Daughter of the night or Dream world I believe this leads into Perrin saving Rand. How I have no idea.
  12. It will be darn shame and disappointing if it's not a Classic Epic after the extra books, the years the fans have been waiting. here's praying.
  13. Mordin will switch sides at the final battle allowing the light to create and seal the breach with all magical elements. IMO hehehe LOL
  14. They have a opportunity here, to use all 3 magical powers to create the seals for the prison. They never had the True Power when LT created the first seals, this time they do through Rand. Strength, Trust and Knowledge are going to create the new seals. Strength doesn't have be power, it can be a belief in what u are doing is right and true, Mo, Nyn and Rand have that Strength and trust each other to do the right thing and I assume Mo has some small item of knowledge that will complete what Rand needs to know how to create unbreakable seals. Its hard to say if Mo or Alivia will be part of the circle but I'm going for Mo. Why because her guidance will be so important thru the creation of the seals.
  15. What I see is Rands power comes from his knowledge, I don't think it was ever and increase in power he's always had power just didn't know how to use it. I also believe his power is a pin prick compared to the DO. So he will need more than what hes got to defeat the DO or even re-imprison him. Once again I believe his power comes from knowledge.
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