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  1. And I'm like the Shai'tan. And of course you can contradict Luckers. It's a risk, but it's survivable. A demigod who got locked in jail for 3000 years by regular dudes? Not very impressive.
  2. The taint is like getting an STD. The person doesn't really mean to give it to you, it just happens.
  3. In no way is it completely impossible, but there is 0 evidence for her being alive.
  5. I think it is very possible that she is a darkfiend, but the whole clan, cmon people.
  6. I don't think the Creator is any sort of sentient being. The world of Randland seems to follow a ying-yang way of doing things. Everything has a counter. Good is met with evil, light with dark, so on and so forth. I also always found it too coincidental that the ying yang has a dot of dark in the light, and I always thought of that as Rand's wound. However, that is off topic.
  7. Just about every fantasy author got some of their ideas from Tolkien, so I don't get why people bring things like this up. And a school that teaches magic? RJ didn't come up with that idea, I wouldn't be surprised of Rowling hasn't read the book.
  8. fair assessment, i got the feeling too, initially, but maybe we are supposed to get the impression that she is losing it a bit? That's the problem overall with Cadsuane. Rand is different. Min is different. Aviendha and Nynaeve are different. I didn't have problems with them, because there were reasons they were evolving. We saw these reasons--or at the very least we see the progression. But Cadsuane--nothing happened to evoke this change. She'd had hundreds of years success behind her, and suddenly, with no reason, went dumb as a doorpost in dealing with Rand. That's perhaps why the Tam scene doesn't bother me--in that scene she'd been through the event with Rand, and everything hung on the balance. She had reason to break with her normal methods. But the Rand/Semirhage scene... she just failed. It was like she turned her back on the methodology she'd employed with great success for over two hundred years for no purpose. BS used Cadsuane as the catalyst in that scene. I get why--he needed to show Rand's new personality state, and needed a break between Rand and Cadsuane. But instead of using her character to bring it about, he dumbed her down so it could happen. That may be where RJ's detailed plot line is hampering him. He's trying to hard to get things were they need to be, and not paying enough attention that how they get there is important. Cadsuane should never have reacted to Rand in the way she did. At the very least she shouldn't have continued arguing defensively when he snapped at her. That's not Cadsuane in the slightest. The only reason she did seems to be that she needed to in order for Rand to banish her. That could have been achieved in other ways. And the core of this failure is that he has missed the subtleties that ground and inform every action she takes. Her insight and her adaptive responses. Instead he just went 'she belligerant about getting what she wants, even though she is right to seek it'. You are acting like Cadsuane can do no wrong.
  9. Mat will definitely get a lot of focus in the next book. I don't think Elayne will have AS much as people are thinking, but she will definitely have a decent amount of plot. Perrin will also get his fair share, but I see him meeting up with Rand again, which will cut into his time. And I don't see how Rand couldn't have a lot of the book this close to the LB. And, almost forgot, Aviendha will get some time as well. I don't, however, think that we will see her inside the columns. I know this is a thread about Mat, but I saw some people talking about how much time he will get, so I had to address them all.
  10. I completely understand. I believe he accessed the True Power through Moridin. As they're slowly "merging" for lack of a better word, I believe mannerisms and abilities cross over unconsciously. So what Rand does by subconsciously, Moridin knows it if that makes sense. Or if the Dark One directly granted Rand access, both the One Power and the True Power must have similar structural foundations. The Five Elements would be the same in the TP as in the OP as would most weaves (Traveling would be entirely different though). The same way wilders learn to do anything with saidar?
  11. I think he was compulsed, or someone disguised themselves as Rand and gives him orders. Something along those lines, but he was an agent of chaos for sure.
  12. "What does make it good, at least in my eyes, was that she was successful. He genuinely did pull back. Stopped, considered, and saw reason. For perhaps the first time in a year she made him pause and think during one of his rages. Now, I'm not saying this to defend Cadsuane--you want to hate her, and thats your choice. I doubt anything I say will change your mind on that. I'm saying this to make a point--whatever you think of Cadsuane and her methods, she is successful." I could kill every human on the world to bring about world peace. But just because it works, doesn't mean that is the way it should be done.
  13. Remember that what we are reading is 1/3 of a book. What seems like filler may not be filler at all when you put the books together.
  14. I see Moiraine as a Gandalf type character. The whole falling into the abyss, thinking she is dead, coming back as 'The White Wizard.' I think she will be more powerful/have some very important knowledge to give Rand. Moiraine is one of my favorite characters in the series, and I really can't wait to see her again. As to Min being off, I think Rand was so far over the deep end, that something had to be done. I believe that people think some characters are off, because we have hit a stage where characters change a lot. Namely Mat. I would like to know how much RJ wrote of the things I hear complained about.
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