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  1. Wouldn't it be GRAND if Birgitte was spun out as one of the main characters kids? I don't think that's possible for Elayne or Aviendha, since they are/will be preggo before Birgitte MAY die...but it's a nice thought. Even nicer thought that her eternal romance with Gaidal Cain would continue. I think she's a goner in the LB too, but I still hate to see her go and hope she remains conneted to the Wheel.
  2. Seems strange that Loial would have missed one. Maybe he thought Rand's guards were enough...
  3. Maybe this is a stupid question...but I thought the Waygate in Caemlyn was secure...did Loial & Karl (the Asha'man with him, I think that's his name) miss it? Am I forgetting something?
  4. The only thing that makes me doubt that the mysterious Forsaken speaking with Isam is Lanfear/Cyndane is what someone else said...she wants Lews Therin to die at her own hands. Either that is not her in this scene, or it is a scheme to draw LTT/Rand to her so she can finish the job. Otherwise, all the characteristics scream Lanfear, no questions asked.
  5. Does a "dreamshard" have anything to do with the Dark Crystal? THE SHARD!!! We must find the Shard! Seriously kept thinking that when this Branderson term popped up in the prologue.
  6. So, I purchased the prologue via Dragonmount, and I got an alert from BS's twitter saying it would be available today instead of Oct. 2nd. How do I get the file from you peeps so I can read it?
  7. I'm such a blond. Thanks Jason
  8. Question...how can the Sacramento and Utah signings be on the same night?
  9. And the other clue today was "Demoux"...does that mean it's in France? Maybe I'm grabbing at straws.
  10. So...the original NATO signitaries were: US, UK, Canada, France, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg...and The UK and Portugal and Iceland ARE in the Western Hemisphere, the US & Canada are NOT in the EU...and of the country populations left...only France and Italy have populations over 36 million, correct? So it has to be in Italy or France? That's as far as I've gotten.
  11. I remember reading something about RJ wanting to write the world as if Men had taken the fall first in the Garden of Eden, instead of the women. Up until maybe the 20th Century the Western World viewed women as the weaker sex (read Tess of the D'Ubervilles or The Scarlet Letter) due to the interpretation that they sinned first in the Garden. I don't have a quote to verify it...but that was my understanding. Maybe someone else knows which interview that was from? Or whether I'm smoking something?
  12. Just to be clear, scion9, I do not believe Martin Luther was a "saint." I believe he was a catalyst for change.
  13. Welcome Deap! So good to have a new reader around to revitalize our love for the series. I noticed in your initial feelings towards TGH you put "Ingtar is a darkfriend." I don't know about you, but that was one of my favorite moments in the WHOLE SERIES, and definitely that particular book. For some reason Ingtar's redemption was such a beautiful scene; even with only Rand to witness it. When you go back and reread TGH someday, you'll be watching the signs Ingtar was giving throughout the book...especially the part where they all lived their alternate lives through the portal stone. What was your favorite part of TGH?
  14. The Whitecloaks are based on the Inquisition, which was a movement within the Catholic church to stomp out what they saw as "heresy." The most famous being the Spanish Inquisition and it's spread to England under Queen Mary (aka Bloody Mary). It was not based on the Catholic Church as a whole...the Whitecloaks are a militant group, and until the Inquisition the Catholic Church did not institute militant means to repress heretics. Also, the Catholic Church was rife with corruption during the Medieval period...that's why there was a Reformation in the Catholic Church around the time of Martin Luther and his 95 theses. You don't have a reformation if everything is peachy-keen. People were told they had to pay money to the church to absolve their sins (which, Biblically, only God through the blood of Christ can do), and the selling of "holy relics" to the congregation as talismans and absolution. They kept the Bible in Latin and wouldn't print it in the people's tongue so that they had control of what the congregation thought (but using the excuse that Latin was a "holy" language). I do agree that not everyone in the CC was corrupt...otherwise Martin Luther wouldn't have nailed his 95 theses to the door, but as a whole they were promoting practices that were totally unbiblical and only for the purpose of gaining money and power for the church. This isn't an "I hate Catholics" speach, I have much respect for my Catholic brothers and sisters, but you cant' erase history...as shameful as it is sometimes.
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