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  1. Did any one get a "really good" picture of the portrait of this from JordanCon...Would really like to see this on the new site here...Just seems appropriate with the "new" header of this site, and Brandon doing such a great job at carrying on the work for us fans...Would give everyone that hasn't seen it a chance to view such a "Fan"-tastic" revelation for us...Just a thought
  2. Thanks for the new and improved site....And Cindy, I too am of the "old ways" but strive to make use of the "new"...And as you know we sometimes have to adjust to the new (even if it kills us)...But to Jason and his team, the site is amazingly easy once you get used to how it is set up...And as with new sites it still will take some time to get all the "kinks" out and the "tweaks" in
  3. Great trailer and Sarah's eyes were so -"seductive"- may be the wrong word but what can I say...Just as Moraine can draw you in with a look so can Sarah; especially all made up that way...any way "kudo's" to you and your team...It was outstanding and makes Nov.2, hard to wait for
  4. Bob

    Jason and Moiraine

    Of the two shots this is my favorite I think....But maybe the other...Now I don't know
  5. Okay people, I'm not really new to here just have never posted...Most people know me as Ashabob, or Trebor even "Tiff's" dad...If you've been to "DragonCon" you may have seen me as an Aiel, an Ashaman, or even the "Grand Inquisitor"....yep that's me...so yeah i've been here and there a little bit...Never thought about posting but just got the idea to go ahead..so Check me out at DragonCon this year and give a shout...May you find Shade and Water
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