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  1. Thanks for the reply. Ah well, how disappointing. Crapped on for not being American/Canadian.
  2. Out of interest, what's stopping me, as a resident of the UK, from actually buying this?
  3. From the FAQ: OP use: cleansing Bela: [TEOTW: 11, The Road to Taren Ferry, 125] Reaction: Baerlon encounter with the Children of the Light, [TEOTW: 15, Strangers and Friends, 186-190] Time: seven days. OP use: Hitting Trolloc with the boom of Domon's boat. [TEOTW: 20, Dust on the Wind, 258-259] Reaction: Mast/trapeze stunt on Bayle Domon's boat [TEOTW: 24, Flight Down the Arinelle, 301-303] Time: four days. OP use: calling lightning to escape the inn in Four Kings [TEOTW: 32, Four Kings in Shadow, 407] Reaction: fever/chills at the inn in Market Sheran. [TEOTW: 33, The Dark Waits, 423-426] Time: two days. OP use: at the Eye of the World. Reaction: Forgetfulness, others? Time: nearly instantaneous.
  4. There's the quote from EotW earlier in this thread where it shows the Blight has retreated thanks to the actions of our heroes.
  5. The Blight's retreat started in EotW so it's not likely to be that. Wow. I've missed that every time. I love these bloody books. ;D
  6. Well, having read this entire thread thus far (I sh*t you not) and from my nagging feelings having read the series over the years, there's two things that keep coming back to me as being possibilities and, thanks to this thread, I've a crackpot theory too! ;D Now, I know these two thoughts should be precluded by the "Theoryland List" and have likely been discussed ad-nausea but I can't shake them. Thought the First - The Twisted Red Doorways. Yes, I know - done to death but the thing that has ALWAYS bugged me is when Rand, Mat and Moiraine are all in Aelfinnland (TSR, Ch 15) they never see each other yet they all exit within a short space of time. How come? Do the Finns create a new 'reality' for each person that enters? Insofar that they have singular and seperate experiences at the same time they are in the same place? And these places would somehow have to be linked due to the "strain" part. Gah! Mashes my head to a pulp this one. Anyhoo, the point being that when Moiraine and Lanfear fall through the Rhuidean doorway, are they also seperated as we saw in the Tear doorway? What bearing would this have? Moiraine sits there all Zen, refusing to play the Finn's games and waiting to be rescued while Lanny goes bat-shit crazy and is killed for it? I suppose we'll find out come autumn. Thought the Second - Mat's Foxhead Medallion Yes, I know, discussed to death. However, it constantly occurs to me that Elayne could make many copies of the medallion, and they could be handed out to Rand's army/channelers/etc. I know that weaves evaporate when directed toward the wearer of the medallion but I'm pretty sure we've no knowledge of what happens if a channeler wears one? Very cool if you could throw weaves at a Dreadlord and be protected from direct a retaliation of weaves. Having read the Mistborn trilogy, these are the things that strike me to be most akin to an earring-type-thingumybob. Loony Theory - Min/Finn It's Dida's fault for posting the below quote: Go on, tell me that doesn't sound just a little bit like Min's ability? Studied the air above his head?? :o Bloody brilliant!!! What if this is somehow related? I'd love it to be. Love it. ;) Anyway, I told you it was loony. Well, apologies for length if not the content. Let me know how I'm insanely wide of the mark at your leisure. Cheers. ;D PS, it is a bloody good hat.
  7. The direction Perrin's lot were heading after Malden and the direction Galad and his Whitecloaks were heading were, basically, on an intercept path. Incidentally, am I the only one who thought Gawyn was actually okay in this book? ???
  8. She has the ability to learn but as she said herself, she chooses not to.
  9. Yup. Nope. ;) It's strongly implied in retrospect but there's no definite proof that Moiraine knew (or knows) that Verin was BA.
  10. Has this been answered yet? ??? It seems to refer to Rand merging with the memories of all his previous lives. I'm quite excited to see how Rand's going to be in ToM mentally and emotionally.
  11. I didn't get that impression personally I'm at work and don't have the book with me but I kind of got that impression - there's a definite statement about remembering many lives.
  12. Heh, yeah, I was wondering about Muad'dib and the blind/still seeing everything plot. Good to know it's not going to happen.
  13. You know, I'm stupid enough not to have really noticed that. Well done Sir. Consider my hat truly doffed in your direction. :o Chapter 49: Just Another Man Page 750: Last night, he had traded his fine black coat to a Tinker for a common brown cloak, ragged on the bottom and stitched in places ... The tinker had also given him a walking staff, which Rand used as he walked, sloughing slightly... Page 754: Why have we come here? Rand thought. Because, Rand replied. Because we made this. This is where we died. He stood on the very point of Dragonmount, the lone peak that had erupted where Lews Therin had killed himself three thousand years before Closing verse Page 766: At the end of time, when the many become one, the last storm shall gather its angry winds to destroy a land already dying. And at its center, the blind man shall stand upon his own grave. There he shall see again, and weep for what has been wrought.
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