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  1. She's too good at everything. She somehow becomes a master at politics despite having little experience and going up against women that have been playing that game for (literally) hundreds of years. Everyone loves her, thinks she's great, etc. It's too much.
  2. I don't know. The fact that he made sure to note that they were "significant" characters makes me think that they'll be more important than that.
  3. I once hated Nynaeve and liked Egwene. I've now switched - Nynaeve is one of my favorite female characters and Egwene is my least favorite character.
  4. I dislike her BECAUSE I believe that she's a poorly written character. She's just too good at everything despite having very little experience. She's somehow able to rediscover all sorts of weaves. The Wise Ones think that she's awesome. She's able to outsmart Aes Sedai who have been playing political games for hundreds of years. Every Ajah wanted her to join their ranks. It's just too much. I mean, jeeze. The way that she's written would enable to her to become a blademaster in a month or less should she ever so much as pick up a knife to cut her steak.
  5. For the LOTR comparison - Tolkien did kill off some important characters. Boromir or Theoden may not compare to Rand/Mat/Perrin, but RJ hasn't shown that he was willing to kill off characters of similar value despite having a MUCH longer series. In order to match Boromir or Theoden he'd have to have someone significant die, which would be a character like Thom or Lan perhaps.
  6. This is my biggest problem. She does everything just...too well. She was an Innkeeper's daughter, yet within a few months she outsmarts people who are literally hundreds of years old. I mean, what's next? We'd better hope Gawyn doesn't show her how to use a sword - she'd probably be a Blademaster in a matter of a few days.
  7. Egwene Gawyn Honestly, those are the only two that I don't care for. Even Elaida and Faile have their interesting moments.
  8. Egwene is probably my least favorite character, but at least she's consistent. Pretty much the first time that we see her it's mentioned that she's incredibly stubborn and hates being told what to do.
  9. She learns incredibly quickly. The way that she transitioned from an innkeeper's daughter into a political mastermind that routinely outsmarts people who have been involved in politics for hundreds of years is something that bugs me as a reader...but more power to her, I guess.
  10. I'd say that Egwene is a "Mary Sue." She's just too...good at everything. I mean, I just think that the transition from innkeeper's daughter to political mastermind and fierce leader is a little bit too abrupt. She somehow has learned to play the political game in just a few months better than other Aes Sedia who have literally been doing it for a hundred years or more. That "Black Hole Sue" description is fairly accurate - all of the other characters seem to go down when she's around.
  11. I guess the main thing that bugs me about Egwene is just how perfect she seems to be. She's incredibly talented and powerful with the power. That's fine - many other characters are. Yet she also has somehow reached the point (in less than two years) where she can completely outsmart people who literally have a hundred times more experience in politics than she does. She is always one step ahead of everyone. As a reader I find her "perfection" to be quite irritating. She just seems to be far too good at far too much. It's a bit different with other characters, even with Rand. We see Rand really screw things up and we see that he's far from perfect. He makes a lot of mistakes. Egwene? Not so much. It's like we're constantly reminded that even when she's making mistakes or suffering she's better than everyone else. It doesn't help that she often seems to say things to people then do the complete opposite herself.
  12. That's just how it is with this series. Does it make a whole lot of sense for Egwene to be as successful as she has been? She grew up as an innkeeper's daughter, yet she is routinely several steps ahead of people who have been involved in politics for (literally) hundreds of years longer than she has been alive. She has two years of experience, yet she seems to be the greatest political mastermind that the White Tower has ever known. How? She just is.
  13. This is not a valid excuse for their incomptence. If you look at the history of 20th century alone, you'll see tons of people who were a hundred times more menacing and effective than this bunch of bumblers. Rahvin was the last one where I could stretch the whole arrogance/ unfamiliarity with the era / ignorance of Rand's capabilities explanation to fit. And the last FS whose defeat was actually interesting, IMHO. It is a big drawback of WoT that the villains are so unthreatening. Even if the main cast couldn't be touched until TG, there are lots of likeable secondary characters who could have been offed to make FS et al. a little more menacing. Heck, imagine if instead of Amayar a FS could pull a genocide on a people we actually have a reason to care about! But no... And I have to say that Avi's vision, while bleak, reduces the whole "world is about to end!" and "second Breaking!" to farce even more. I mean, barely a generation after TG, there are so many people around and they have it so good that the Aiel are chomping at the bit to go to war! The multi-generational defeat of the Aiel is far more in line with what a true TG ought to be than the "real" TG was/will be, apparently. That's just sad. I've thought the same thing about RJ. It just seems so strange that so few characters have died in a series of such great length. Even a significant number of those who have were either brought back to life or didn't really die in the first place.
  14. Tying a weave off is a trick that not everybody knows. Many Aes Sedai do NOT know the trick of it. A gateway requires a HUGE amount of strength to maintain, relative to most Aes Sedai. Even so, I doubt Rand could weave many large gateways, especially when you consider that maintaining 2 weaves is more than twice as strenuous as holding just one, and holding 3 is more than twice as hard again, and so on. Didn't Rand also spin multiple gatewaves when he weaved the "Deathgates" in KoD?
  15. I hope Mesaana's end isn't that anticlimatic. Actually, just reading everybody's ToM speculations on the last 3 pages of this thread, I hope ToM is more exciting then everybody is predicting. I mean, a lot of what has been speculated seems boring to me. Except Mat going to Finnland. That's the only exciting speculation to me so far. Something really intense (equal to Rand's tapping into the TP) will hopefully happen. Otherwise this book is just going to feel like a filler book in preparation for AMOL. Those are the sort of things that you can't really predict, though. That's why they're so exciting when they happen! :P
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