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  1. Just curious about something to do with Slayer. In the wolf dream, Perrin sees Slayer going into the Tower of Ghenjei. This is in the Chapter 28, To The Tower of Ghenjei. Hopper tells Perrin Slayer is there in the flesh. As we all know this leads to the realms of the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn. In Chapter 6, when discussing the doorway ter'angreal, Moiraine tells Elayne, Egwene and Nyneave that questions concerning the Shadow are dangerous there. Slayer is a creation of the Shadow, then why under the Light does Slayer have access to the Tower of Ghenjei?
  2. Duhara is in Caemlyn, attempting to get Elayne to accept her as her advisor. Think Duhara will attempt to kill Elayne and release the few BA that Elayne captured in KoD?
  3. HELP! I heard somewhere that Aviendha sees someone in the Waste. I haven't found anything in the book to back that up. I read where so going to the Waste, just not being in the Waste. Where is it?
  4. Suian bonding Gareth Bryne was my favorite part. In some ways, their relationship is similar to that of Mat an Tuon/Fortuona. The whole adverarial thing going on. But it was also the most light hearted part of the book to me.
  5. Since Verin exposed the BA, there are still those that are amongst the other camps. Namely, Elza, who has sworn fealty to Rand. Speaking of that, Verin should have known that Elza was when she wove her strange compulsion on her, or any of the other's that were captured at Dumai's Wells that may be BA. I don't think we even have a clue that any of the one's bonded to Asha'man loyal to Logain are. I know all the ones that Suian sent Elayne, Egwene and Nyneave are all accounted for, except one, Jeaine Caide. Elayne has the rest of them that survived, except for Liandrin, who was with Suroth. I ju
  6. OK, I can't help myself. I have to know. Is Mesaana exposed/captured/killed when the Tower is attacked or during the Purge? And please tell me that Katerine Alruddin meets a horrible fate. Since I found out a certain character that I've been fond of turns out to be something other than expected, is her demise an attack from others in her Ajah? I couldn't help myself, I read the favorite chapter/scene thread. I have had this notion that at some point Demandred would end up wearing the male a'dam with Mesaana and Semirhage each holding one of the attached leashes.
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