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  1. But Sutts, I'm going to a book signing next month, you best believe I intend on asking about the Sharan men. I just can't let that one pass me by. I can stand for making random people disappear, I mean maybe they were hiding, because they lost their will to live and survive, but I can't abide by introducing people who don't bloody exist! Well, Sharan male channelers were likely trained to channel by Demandred.
  2. Regarding not committing of all channelers to offensive by both Light and Dark sides - maybe they didn`t want to make the entire war a battle between channelers, since with hundreds of them it would mean uncontrolled bloodbath?
  3. Romanda is incinerated by dozens of Sharan channelers hitting her at once. Doesine is beheaded, IIRC. Alanna is stabbed, almost bleeds out, is Healed by Nyaneve, and then killed by a thrown knife to the chest from Moridin. Annoura also dies as mentioned above. Sarene is Compelled by Graendal and appears to be dead (she's last seen collapsing with 'glassy eyes' as Cadsuane blows the living crap out of the area around Graendal). Siuan dies. Leane almost dies but just about survives a direct meeting with Demandred. I thought Yukiri was toast when Mat's command tent was attacked as she disappears in the resulting chaos, but reappears at the end as one of the Aes Sedai 'recruiting' Cadsuane as Amyrlin. Based on the numbers given, apparently 200 Aes Sedai - a fifth of the Tower - is wiped out in Kandor in the initial battle with the Sharans, which is a total catastrophe. They also suffer major losses at the Last Battle itself. I wouldn't be surprised if only a third of the Tower survived (note: not including the hundreds or thousands of new Accepted and novices, who play no role in the battle). EDIT: I had to double-check who Sarene was in WoT Wiki, and this brought up the interesting fact that Alanna's disappearance from the Stone of Tear with no-one detecting channelling is a minor subplot in Towers of Midnight. Nice to hear that the good guys don`t have it that easy! Do Ashaman suffer similar losses as Aes Sedai? In that scene when Cadsuane is approached by the Sitters, do they mention the Ashaman issues?
  4. Do some named Aes Sedai that are not major characters (like the Sitters) die?
  5. Yep. That's Logain's glory. Being a leader and a beacon of hope after the last battle (weird that that particular prophecy is something that's going be fulfilled offscreen after the series proper). Hmm, does it seem like Logain would like to make Ashaman more than warriors, but also advisors and researchers like Aes Sedai are? He would certainly need to find reasonable compromise with the White Tower.
  6. One thing I still did not learn much about - did anyone (in the book) wondered what Ashaman are going to do after the Last Battle, as they were created solely to help in Last Battle?
  7. Only if Shara is minutely populated. 400 Ayyad are less channellers than the Shaido alone had at their disposal. Given that the Sharans use both men and women as channellers, the entire nation/subcontinent's total tally of channellers should have vastly outstripped that of the Westlands (and maybe the Westlands, Aiel and Seanchan combined). No. Pevara and Androl touch on it and actually find a solution - bonding one another simultaneously to balance out with no one person in charge of the other - but Logain spends half the book being tortured by the Darkfriend Asha'aman and the rest suffering from severe PTSD, Aes Sedai paranoia and delusions of grandeur. Egwene is also way too busy with other stuff. This is actually how a few issues are resolved: no scene of people sitting down and talking it over, but the issue being addressed, a possible solution being raised and then people moving on. Hell, we even get Rand musing on some EotWisms at one point and how they didn't make any sense (compared to the rest of the series, written later) but shrugging it off and moving on. This goes for the ending. People are complaining that it's too abrupt and we don't find out what happens next. Why? We saw in ToM one possible vision of the future, we get another in AMoL and we are told bluntly that the former vision only came true because of one thing, which Rand fixes in AMoL, making the second vision altogether more possible. That vision - tha the Dragon's Peace holds, even between the Seanchan and Aiel, even a century after the series ends, and we start to see the possible beginnings of a new Age of Legends - is now by far the most likely to come true. Hmm, but wasn`t it said in Graendal's earlier POV that male Ayyad are used only for reproduction and killed when they show signs of channeling? Demandred had to change it, I think. Still, 400 channelers should be enough to destroy huge armies. I understand that non-channeling troops were only relevant because the channelers were cancelling each other and the commanders were hesitating to completely unleash hundreds of channelers that could cause uncontrollable chaos on the battlefield.
  8. That'd be like looking for a needle in a haystack (the book is 910 pages long in hardcover, and remember no e-edition for several months). She certainly doesn't appear (that I recall), so I may have misremembered that she was mentioned. The Sharan thing could have been explained better. My take - given that Demanded had a different title and the Sharan leader was not identified as Sh'boan or Sh'botay - was that Demandred had effectively taken command of a Sharan army of Darkfriends, consisting of a few tens of thousands of troops and 400 Ayyad. With Shara in civil war/chaos, that would seem to be possible. Clearly Demandred was not in command of the entirety of Shara and all its people, because if he was then the Sharans could have flooded the battlefield with millions of troops and thousands of channellers, and simply obliterated the Light. Without any further revelations (that say half of Shara was an uninhabitable desert, or the reports that Shara was one unified nation and always had been were false), as it stands Shara sending its full strength to the battle is simply totally unbelievable. However, there are some major inconsistencies with army/channeller numbers in the books and this is something I definitely get the impression that Sanderson struggled with, to the point of refusing to give hard figures for any of the forces at the battle. I'm surprised he even specified there were 400 Ayyad. Hmm, interesting, I thought that Demandred became a ruler of all Shara and threw all its armies at Randland. Were the Black Ajah and Taim's men fighting alongside the Ayyad? Was there any talks between, let's say Egwene and Loghain, about that bonding mess between Aes Sedai and Ashaman?
  9. Really nice to hear about Demandred. Did Taim receive some development as well? Can we imply from this book how the relations between the Ashaman and Aes Sedai are going to look like in the future? Was any official policy adopted with respect to Ashaman and Aes Sedai bonding each other?
  10. Nothing about Nakomi is explained. There is something about her at the end. But it's pretty much meaningless so far as I can tell. You might as well wait until you read the book because it's not going to satisfy you anyway. Taim wove a huge amount of balefire using a Callandor level sa'angreal and the Pattern was on the verge of unraveling so Egwene gave enough time for Rand to fix it. About bodyswap, basically, everyone besides his three women assumed Rand died, while he was alive in Moridin's body. He got his own peace. I wish he'd gone out in a blaze of glory and maybe come with the HoV for one last scene. That'd make it more satisfying for me. Wait, so does that mean that channelers were not essential part of the war? I was under impression that hundreds of channelers together can destroy entire armies easily. On the other hand, they were not all used to using the One Power in warfare, other than the Ashaman. Didn`t Demandred utilize the Aiel turned channelers and evil Ashaman in his strategy? Oh, channeler played their parts on both sides but it was not reflected as a huge part of the battle. They probably played a big part off-screen because that's what's reasonable but reading the book you just don't get that sense. It seemed common soldiers did more, which should not be the case. Warfare tactics is not the strongest point of this book. Individual channelers played big parts though. Thanks, were the turned male Aiel channelers utilized as well?
  11. Wait, so does that mean that channelers were not essential part of the war? I was under impression that hundreds of channelers together can destroy entire armies easily. On the other hand, they were not all used to using the One Power in warfare, other than the Ashaman. Didn`t Demandred utilize the Aiel turned channelers and evil Ashaman in his strategy?
  12. Another thing I am curious about - did most of Taim's followers fight in the Last Battle, or were they routed earlier when Logain retook BT from Taim? Does Mazrim Taim have a POV in this book?
  13. Well we can make up all that stuff as fans right? :) Aviendha vision has probably been averted. Early on, they insisted they be part of the Dragon's Peace which already significantly changes things. Rhuarc dies which is different from her vision where he is alive. Every Wise One at least who walks through those columns sees the same potential future so it is very unlikely that future will now come to pass. Rand essentially creates a United Nations with the Aiel as a peacekeeping force to enforce the will of the "UN." Rand makes a truce to bring the Seanchan over that is reasonable. They keep the nations they've conquered so far but no more expansion or aggression. Within those nations, they can continue to collar damane and they keep all the damane they've captured so far. But no more capturing from that point on in any nation outside their borders. Later Egwene makes some modification when she speaks with Tuon. Tremalking is left out of Seanchan influence. Seanchan representatives can peacefully go to other nations to proselytize the advantages of leashing to women who can channel (kind of like Jehovah's witnesses). Any woman who is convinced can leave to go to Ebou Dar to be collared. In return, women who no longer wish to be collared in Seanchan should be allowed to also leave of their own free will. The conversation between Egwene and Tuon were not sealed in paper but it's a hint of the direction that is going. One hopes that with Mat and Min to influence her, Tuon will begin to slowly change that aspect of Seanchan culture. Oh, so we learn a little what the Randland may look like after the Last Battle? So, are Ashaman and channeling men included in the Dragon Peace? Is Logain recognized as their leader?
  14. Some minor questions, if I may: Did Aes Sedai made circles with Ashaman en masse or was it only Androl's group? Were any normal soldiers even relevant in Last Battle when we had hundreds of channelers facing each other? Did Taim's men constitute a large number of Shadow channelers? Thanks.
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