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  1. One of the realizations that Rand was the Dark Ones option of "nothingness" is nothing but a lie.
  2. If we want to talk about pointless, why not go all the way? The Caramoor plot line was totally pointless. What did the Sea Folk end up doing with Rand? Nothing. They drove a boat to Bandar Eban. Yay. Padain Fain was also pointless in the end. Lets face it, the series needed Jordan to finish it and either 2 more books OR a lot of editing.
  3. I think the saddest part of the book for me was Rand's funeral at the end, because so many people who mattered didn't know the truth, though Nynaeve and Cadsuane obviously picked up on it. I can imagine Tam crying over his dead son, when his son wasn't in fact dead. Rand not telling Tam the truth felt ... un-Rand to me. Next saddest for me was Siuan's death. I liked that character quite a bit and her death just felt totally pointless. Egwene's death sucked obviously, but here is the thing: She went out like a hero. She served a purpose and somebody awesome will take her place. Cadsuane is like an older version of Egwene.
  4. hehe I felt the opposite actually. She was weak, but that was the point. She was somebody who only fought when it earned her something.
  5. I was ok with Demandred's part in aMoL, but it was under developed and could have been better. In retrospect, a lot more about Shara and Demandred could have been done earlier. His death at the hands of Lan though was excellent, though I was actually expecting Tam Al'Thor to kill him. It just felt that was the direction it was going after they had started building up Tam's sword skill and he was shouting that "I killed your brother". I expected the father to stand and yell at him or something. Anyways, we all suspected that that Lan was the best of the blade masters, know we know for 100% sure. Gawyn was built up as being deadly... Gawyn killed Hammer. Sleete didn't want anything to do with Gawyn and yet Gawyn had the ter'angreal and still couldn't touch Demandred. Galad was built up as being deadly when he destroyed Valda, who was said to be one of the deadliest of the blademasters. Then Lan, who had basically been getting his ass kicked for the last month, stepped up and killed him with relative ease. I still almost feel that Lan died and Rand sort of resurrected him.
  6. I would guess not to the latter part of that question. The other AS comment at the cleansing that the amount of saidar passing through Nynaeve would be felt in Tar Valon, and indeed in CoT we find out that it was felt all over the world, and the Black Sister comments on the phenomenal amount of saidar used. The CK have an access key which acts as a particularly special buffer due to the CK being so much more powerful than any other sa'angreal, and this completely melts when Nynaeve uses it. Meanwhile, when Nynaeve and Egwene watch a circle using Vora's wand Heal Mat, Nynaeve considers that she could wield half of that power unaided. Probably an exaggeration, but I think it suggests that the CK are significantly more powerful than anything else, especially considering that Nynaeve and Egwene's comments on Vora's wand were made when seeing it being used in a circle. I think Egwene describes Vora's wand as being strong enough to crush Tar Valon's walls if a circle used it, while Lanfear says the CK could channel the Creator/DO. My understanding is that the CK is on a totally different level from anything else. When Nynaeve uses it she almost becomes senseless with ecstasy and passes out from the exhaustion of using it. We don't see either of these effects when Egwene uses the wand, suggesting there is much less saidar involved. Agreed, they were definitely on a different level. This is further shown when Rand gave Elayne the thing that grows angreal and tells her it takes months to grow a regular angreal. My assumption is that it probably took decades or even a century or more to grow them. Would make sense right?
  7. What I really didn't get on this topic was why build up the character and end with the teaser in ToM only to dispatch him as he did in AMoL. Just a very strange choice all around. Ya doesn't make much sense. I think there is probably a good chapter of information that got dumped on the editing room floor on Padan Fain. Hopefully the Encyclopedia isn't like the first one, and has a lot of good information in it.
  8. I agree with the OP, but the DO IS Evil. The Creator IS Good. The difference is that the Creator knew how the world needed to be, which is why he doesn't take any hand in the world. He created it, set the rules and moved on. If he stuck around, it would be full of what Rand had in his perfect vision. He created the Dark One to balance his "perfectness", then sealed him away, allowing Humanity to choose what they want done. There really is no "enemy" per say. The Pattern is about Balance. Choose 100% Good, and you get screwed up people. Choose 100% Evil, and you get screwed up people. Rand is the Creators method of balancing the Pattern. Rand essentially chooses what the next turning of the wheel will be like, not the Dark One or the Creator. No doubt the Dragon sometimes chooses wisely and sometimes chooses poorly. The enemy really becomes choosing "wrong". One day the DO will come again because humanity will choose to let him out, and the Dragon will be able to choose again. This is why we are constantly told throughout the series that the Dark One needs to Turn Rand. He has done it before and will do it again, but for this turning, Humanity gets peace once more, as they probably did before the Age of legends...
  9. I found Mat's battle to be pretty "epic". The problem is that Brandon isn't the best for describing battles. He did a good job, he didn't do a great job. I think ultimately he (BS) lost site of how important the war effort was and didn't articulate it properly in his writing. Thus the reader is left feeling... "ok we had a big fight, so what? Why not just have fought this at Shayol Ghul instead?". Then you realize the following: -Mat's battle WAS about keeping Demandred away from Rand first. Saving people was second though important. Perrin's was about keeping Lanfear and Slayer away from Rand. If Mat lost, Demandred would of realized he was "tricked" and he would of headed to Shayol Ghul and killed Rand. -BS totally didn't make this part clear IMO, though you can pick it out of the reading by how Demandred keeps thinking Rand is in the battle and didn't know he was at Shayol Ghul. There is a bit of an issue here of course, since the battle and preperation took place over a week, while Rand was at Shayol Ghul, so why didn't Demandred find out? I don't know. -Agreed about Padan Fain. In the first 3 books, we were lead to believe by Jordan that Fain was some major evil power. Not equal to the dark one obviously, but a major evil that was probably almost equal to the Forsaken. He was kind of lost after Book 3 though, making small appearances here and there and corrupting people. Then he virtually disappeared into nothingness after about Book 8 or 9. I think because Jordan originally intended to only have this as a trilogy or something, that Fain was going to be a major character and then they decided against it. When he died, his notes were probably not that great and BS was left with nothing, so he essentially closed it in as quick a way as possible (poorly). I always felt that Fain was going to have a major impact in the Last Battle and that Rand would somehow turn the table and use Fain against the Dark One himself in order to win, but alas, nothing happened. -Fain turned into the Samsin(sp?) guy. Where the hell did that come from? -Mat's growth was different, he was the guy who "stayed the same" but grew. I agree that he didn't grow properly, but he was probably one of the harder ones to write about because Jordan did such a good job with Mat until he died. Serious people (Rand and Perrin) are easy to write. Fun people are not. In the first GoS scenes with Mat, BS kept having Mat swear and such, it didn't feel like Mat at all. I don't like that Egwene died either, especially since she grew into such a strong character. She spoke to Rand while he was in the void, which forced him to realize he had to let go. I think she Egwene speaking to Rand was ultimately the turning point for Rand. The problem I had was that once again, BS didn't show how important that turning point was for Rand, and I suspect a lot of readers will not draw the connection and importance between her Death and him winning. Of course, maybe Jordan wrote that last bit as it felt more Jordan than BS, but I don't know. What I do know is it is easy to miss the connection. The death itself WAS handled well though. S handled well though.
  10. I just finished after about 20+ years of reading it. Very bitter sweat.
  11. I feel Rand was tempered well enough actually.
  12. I feel it is symbolic of Rand finally learning to control the pattern itself. Using his Taveren nature to its fullest
  13. I wouldn't mind if this happened either. It is a huge world, easily the best as far as fantasy is concerned.
  14. Finally, I am about to start book 14: Memory of Light. What a long 20+ year journey since I found Eye of the World in a grocery store in Great Falls Montana while there for a ski trip in which I took food poisoning. I've re-read the series a lot of times, usually when each new book came out, though after Book 10, I waited for 2 books to come out before reading the entire series again. Ie- I read Book 11 and Book 12 when Book 12 came out, and I have waited until now to read Book 13 and 14. Few comments: -I am excited to read the final book in the series. This is by far my favorite series. -I really enjoyed Towers of Midnight. Its been out a couple years, but I had saved it until now. I found it to be very well done and it actually kept me up until 4am a few nights ago, something no book has done in the last 15 years or so, the last being the Shadow Rising. The pacing was very well done in Towers of Midnight, even though the "tone" in my head of the characters did feel subtly difference with Brian Sanderson writing instead of Jordan. -Jordan easily would of ended up around 15 or 16 books in the series. -I bought a Kindle Paperwhite in early January and I have read from the Dragon Reborn on, using it. It rocks. I am tempted to read the hardcover version of Memory of Light that I bought, but nah. Oh well, here is to starting the last one.
  15. No, there is nothing terrible idea. You are working with the assumption that it will be a terrible book, which isn't the case always. I would love to explore the world more and hope that happens some day, but perhaps it wont. Oh well.
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