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  1. I'm looking at my holiday form and wondering if I can justify a day to buy it & read it... I'm also wishing that an ebook edition would be out the same day - so much easier to read around work, travelling, etc... :P If I pre-order on Amazon today, I'm unlikely to get it tomorrow... Grrrr...
  2. Sorry if I'm being dim, but I've seen it mentioned once or twice, but never any actual explaination - does it mean Faile's in line for the throne of Saldaea or something? (I'd assume she is as she's Tenobia's cousin...) Or is it something to do with Malkier?
  3. I will point out (re-reading LoC) that Rand DOES know Balefire could bring stuff back - when the Maiden gets killed with the crossbow bolt, he thinks Balefire could solve everything (i.e. bring them back) and has an internal discussion with LT over how dangerous it is... And has even then decided never to use it again, obviously even to bring back women - it's not just Cad's influence. :)
  4. Oops. Found it... *sneaks over there* Sorry Mods!
  5. In which case technically Lanfear killed him by limiting his ability to channel so he couldn't open a new gateway. Problem solved. :P Nah, I want to know who it was in the room as much as anyone... But I like my gateway theory. :P
  6. Any idea if we'll get the glossary in the new books? 'cause that's pretty much the same with minor tweaks/new characters in every book and takes up a small %...
  7. Ah, but the DO can't resurrect him 'cause of the manner of his death. We don't KNOW it's balefire, and we do have the hint it's a long step/long fall into blackness... So my logic is he's dead to the DO and dead to the world - he can't be ressed 'cause he's not in the deadlands, and he's dead as far as everyone's concerned. And, hey, since when did the DO have to tell the truth? Asmo's dead to him in every way (can't get him back, can't use him, yep, dead...)
  8. I'd find the quote, but it's when their faces start to merge in Rand's head - isn't he channelling? And Moridin looks furious? Couldn't it be more 'angry you're making me feel sick' than furious?
  9. I agree - Moridin feels icky when Rand channels and visa versa - Moridin is probably holed up in Shayol Ghul with a bunch of automated servants and a cup of lemsip...
  10. o/~ I've got a theory... It could be bunnies... o/~ Actually, RJ said Asmo took a long step or long fall, or similar I believe... Could Asmo not TECHNICALLY be dead - i.e. he got pushed into a skimming gateway and is infinitely falling a la the maiden that fell? DO can't ressurect him 'cause he's not dead-dead, and it does narrow the field to a Traveling channeller killing him...
  11. I was wondering if anyone found the fact both Nicola and the Wise Ones used the very similar phrasing - 'three women on a boat'? a) Aiel and boats don't mix well. b) The fact BOTH said boat suggests that it's a genuine boat - not a metaphorical boat? Any ideas? Could the boat be an Athan Miere boat? We've not heard much about the Coramoor prophecies...
  12. So, we know: Channeler > Warder Female > Female = Very little control over the Female Warder. Female > Male = Some control, including being able to compel obedience Male > Female = Basically being able to force obedience Male > Male = Not yet seen? I'm wondering how much of these are due to 'extras' in the bonding, how much is pure loyalty and how much is due to differences between male & female. We know Birgitte & Elayne 'mirror' each other - would 2 men do the same? Could Elayne/Avi/Min compel Rand - they just don't know how to use the bond to do it? Also, Saidin/Saidar seem to 'protect' somewhat from the compulsion if what I've read is true - so if Birgitte could channel for example, would it make a difference?
  13. What if Egwene re-wrote the oaths? So they still have to swear them, hence still 'makes them Aes Sedai' but a better, more sensible set? Or the oath against lying becomes 'I won't lie, misdirect or mislead'... Although I can see the AS getting uppity about that one.
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