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  1. Ah, but Tuon doesn't use it to PUNISH, she uses it to 'train' or 'correct' the damane. Punishing would be if they misbehaved on purpose. Misbehaving becayse they don't know better is just 'correcting'
  2. The royal line of Andor would be important. The fact everyone except Rand is unaware he's of the royal line doesn't mean it's any less true. :)
  3. I think the broken wolf is Ituralde... He's called The Wolf?
  4. Sheriam's blue/silver/gold - she was in a blue dress, with golden rays of sun, with a silver axe... I like the mislead that it was similar to Logain's glory...
  5. Yep, done that. :) And the above is the result. I DO think Moridin's capitialised on purpose - we've even been told a moghedien is a spider - note the lower case 'm', implying that it's not like German with all nouns capitalised. So, if we change is to 'Death is no bar to my call' where 'Death' is Moridin, is that another prophecy? That the man Moridin can't stop the horn being blown? Or it will help stop Moridin?
  6. I'm hoping RJ has a very large tome of OT sayings & language that BS will release one day... :/ tia = to the mi = ? May be 'my' - 'mia' is 'my' in 'mia'cova' aven = ? Might be something to do with trees actually - avendesora and 'tia avende alantin' = Brother to the Trees - alatin is 'brother' I think? Moridin = a name, death isainde = ? vadin = ? It's actually quite interesting looking at the language...
  7. But generally I didn't think words got capitalised in the Old Tongue. If Moridin is capitalised, it's 'cause it's a name...
  8. I wonder if the '3' could inc. Alivia... Drawing that much could kill Rand, therefore she's helped him die... And I did like the fact that Elza served Rand 'in her own way' - showing that 'in her own way' didn't have to actually help him...
  9. Quick question. The numeral III. We know it can't refer to only 3 oaths per person (the BA hunters have got ppl to swear a 4th oath) - so do you think the number just refers to the rod? Or could it be that it divides the lifespan by 3 or something? Which numeral was the one Sevanna got?
  10. D'oh. Thanks for that. :) Nice mis-direction by RJ. :)
  11. And why did Sheriam have blue/gold rays at one point in a Min Aura (much earlier book)? o.O She didn't exactly do anything redeption-y? And she's kinda dead now... Is that a genuine Failed Min aura?
  12. We know Cadsuane has a ter'angrel that interrupts weaves - and we know it's like Matt's: So, in theory, could it be used to uncover Mesaana? I'm sure there has to be more of a point to it than just stopping ppl channeling at Matt?
  13. "Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin." = "The grave is no bar to my call." Moridin. Could there be a mis-translation over the years of what's on the Horn? Anyone any good with Old Tongue?
  14. Which equally ironically means that Ta'vernen twisting doesn't actually mean that it's towards what the Pattern needs. And says that Ran'ds Ta'verneness doesn't have too much effect sometimes. The Pattern NEEDED her to say 'no' so thay the attack on TV could happen, Rand's Ta'verneness getting a 'yes' would have directly gone against the Pattern (i.e. Egwene's dreaming & Min's viewings) - showing that Rand can come very close to forcing the Pattern away from its destined course. Also, for prophecy, if she'd said 'yes', she'd have bound the nine moons to him as soon as she said she was
  15. And appropriate - she's seen as a battle maiden by the Captain-General of the Green... :)
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