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  1. Luckers, I am quite sure you will never be joe random in these parts...hope you will stick around to answer questions!
  2. I was there! and I flew in from Houston for it. Joseph Beth was a wonderful bookstore and the event was so much fun. One funny story, the guy in front of me gets to the table and has the three WOT books that Brandon worked on, when Brandon opens Gathreing Storm, he says "Did you know you had Fires of Heaven in the Gathering Storm cover?". Brandon said he would not sign the book - I'm still not sure if the guy did that on purpose. The other thing I remember is when Harriet was talking about supporting bookstores like Joseph Beth, she said "you can't sit in the middle of Amazon". I waited around with newly made friends after the first round of signings so that we could go back for the personalizations from Brandon (we had a very nice dinner together at the bistro there). I told Brandon that I had read and loved Patrick Rothfuss based on his recommendation and asked him for books that he loved to read. He was nice enough to write down a few names.
  3. Awesome review, I share your feelings about the journey that is the WOT experience. Thanks.
  4. While I understand and sympathize with those that are disappointed, let me tell you some of the scenes I have loved reading so far: Lan's POV in chapter 6 when he thinks he is leading the men into the final charge. Moiraine's entry at the fields of M. Rand's meeting with Fortuna and Mat. And for the first time since book 2, Perrin's arc (although, this might be because we haven't seen much of Fail -sp error on purpose) There are things i wish were handled better ofcourse, but there is enough done right to make it a fun read for me. Okay, I'm diving back into to it now!
  5. Thank you Luckers. For the review as well as for all you have contributed here. You always manage to be informative and entertaiing.
  6. Luckers, will you post your review on the 8th?
  7. Why did Verin write the information about the waygate in camelyn in a letter to Mat, why not Elaine? Couldn't she also have mentioned it to Egewene?
  8. @Herid, thanks for the link! Good stuff.
  9. Hmmmm, interesting, I can buy that. So Aviendha has to figure out how to guide the Aeil into a better future and teach her children to be better people and leaders. Have there been discussions on what the possible purpose of the Aiel could be after the Last Battle? It seems that in the future that Aviendha saw, the Seanchan are allowed to keep some of the lands they currently occupy as well as the abhorant system of keeping damanes. If Rand/Egwene/Nynaeve...SOMEONE could at least get back the captured damane maybe the Aiel would be content to form their own nation, perhaps centered around Rhuidien. I know that it would be hard because the Aiel traditionaly had no cities and constanly raided each others holds, but going back to the old ways just will not be an option anymore. It will be an adapt or die situation for them.
  10. One of the hardest things to read, right? Must have been crushing for Aviendha...the way I read it, her line was directly responsible for the slow and torturous end of the proud Aiel people. Her children were given the decision to go to war or not and took it. Her grandchildren knowingly misled the Queen of Andor into declaring war and breaking the Dragon's peace. How come she never considers not having children with Rand? I mean its not like she is already pregnant...I know it would be a sacrifice to not have children...but still...
  11. Zen Rand meeting Tam in ToM. I had to stop reading for a minute to wipe the tears from my eyes.
  12. In chapter 4 of ToM Perrin has a vision in the wolf dream of Mat "..fighting against himself,a dozen different men wearing his face...(he) never saw the shadowy figure creeping behind him, bearing a bloody knife." Is this something we will know more about in aMoL? Does anyone have theories re what it might mean?
  13. I seem to remember that DM has had countdown timers for previous release dates...
  14. Perrin (when he is around Faile or thinking of her) Sea Folk A large portion of CoT
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