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  • #067: Interview with Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (Legacy episode)

    The 4th Age podcast team

    Jason Denzel, founder and owner of dragonmount.com and Bob Klutz of encyclopaedia-wot.org interview Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, the talented voices behind all of the Wheel of Time audiobooks to date. What they have to say is fascinating.


    To quote Robert Jordan from AudiofileMagazine.com: “The spoken word is the basis for all storytelling,” he told us from his 1797 home in the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina. “My father and my uncles were storytellers. When we went fishing or hunting, there was always storytelling at night. I grew up with that oral tradition. I’ve always thought that my writing lends itself to being read aloud for that very reason.”


    We asked him about the advantages of listening to a book as opposed to reading it. “When reading an actual book,” he answered, “it’s possible to skip over things. You make connections in your head, and you find you’re not registering every word. But when it’s read to you, there’s a difference. You hear every word.”


    “It was my suggestion in the first place,” Jordan admitted, “that we have a male and a female actor to do this, a woman to read the female point of view and a man to read the male point of view. And we lucked out in that they both do voices as well. So it is as close as I can come to having an ensemble doing the reading.” In addition, Jordan’s Western novel, CHEYENNE RAIDERS, available as a digital download from Books on Tape, is read by Michael Kramer.


    We hope that you enjoy this great interview!

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