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Wheel of Time Cage Match: And the Winners are…

Mashiara Sedai

Week 1 of Dragonmount's Wheel of Time Cage Match is finished!  Here's a list of the winners:


Asmodean defeated Grady

Narishma defeated Halima

Alivia defeated Moghedien

Siuan defeated Elaida


If you've got more to add about the outcome of these fights, you can talk about it in the Week 1 thread.


Round 2 starts today with the battles between the non-channelers.  Here's the line up:


Uno vs Galad

Tam vs Slayer

Sulin vs Tuon

Faile vs Berelain


Go and add your vote for your favorite character and help decide the winners of Round 2!  Voting for Round 2 ends at 9pm EST on July 13th.

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