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Weekly Roundup, October 13-19

Moon Sedai

Hello there! The Wheel Turns, and now it is time for a new edition of the Weekly Roundup!


First off, there is a very special event going on in the Black Tower for the rest of the month, a Tainted Days festival!  Events will include a new game called “Prisoners of the Black Tower” as well as Tainted Mad Libs. If you just want to watch the One Power Tournament, you can do that, or participate in any of the fantastic games going on with our Brothers in Black Jackets.


Do you have a burning question for Jennifer Liang? She has opened up a thread called “Ask me Anything!” in the General Board. So, go ahead! Ask her!


The Tuathan’an, our lovely rebranded Tinkers, have a fascinating October Challenge: Spooks and Spirits. Here is your chance to see what sort of spooky things our creative friends come up with or contribute your own haunted creation.


A new thread has popped up in the Ogier, a discussion on seasonal traditions.  No matter your country of origin or faith, you more than likely have some sort of seasonal traditions, holidays, or foods you enjoy eating during holiday times. Discuss them, your family traditions, or just learn what others do!


The Aiel also have a Halloween themed event: Aiel Hallows Eve! The Aiel have their own ways of celebrating the Spooky Season: Ghost Stories, a Witch’s Spell Game, Pumpkin Carving, and making Potions!


And, an update from the Roleplaying forums: The Children of the Light now have a new Roleplay Group Leader: WolfbrotherKronos!  Congratulate WolfbrotherKronos and the Children as they celebrate their new leader!


And now, from Dragonmount’s Facebook page:



Remember, you can get up-to-date information about Wheel of Time news from Dragonmount's Facebook and Twitter feeds! 


That wraps this week's Weekly Roundup!

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