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Weekly Roundup November 3-9

Moon Sedai

Hello! It’s a new week and a new month, so it’s time for a new Weekly Roundup!


First off, in the Debates and Discussions board, a new discussion has started: obvious difference in the way we view people.  This thread is about how people view rich/poor based on political leanings. Feel up to a discussion? Visit the thread and join the debate!


Are you a writer? Do you have advice for other writers on what to do with their finished books? Visit the ACW Tuathan’an and give your advice.


The Aiel November discussion is about the afterlife. This is an interesting thread to find out what other Dragonnmount members believe about life after death. And, while you’re visiting the Aiel, pop on over to the monthly game, Sentences and Stories, where you can contribute a sentence to a new story!


The Black Tower held a Tainted Bridal Shower to wish Kaylee well on her November 9th wedding! Congratulations, Kaylee!


The Kin have a few interesting threads started this week. First, a discussion about what’s for dinner? Talk about food, your family meal practices, and your favorite meals! Second, a discussion on positive thoughts and thankful moments.


Shayol Ghul has two new threads. First, a Great Turkey Hunt. Find pictures of turkeys and show them off! Second, a discussion about holiday disasters and families.


The White Tower and Warders hosted Warder Gameshow Week! Games included The Boggle, Find the Warders, Apples to Apples, the Black Magic Stories and more!


Finally, from Dragonmount’s Twitter Feed:



Remember, you can get daily Wheel of Time and Dragonmount related updates from Dragonmount’s Twitter feed and Facebook page!


That's it for this week, and remember to sign in at your social groups!

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