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Weekly Roundup June 29-July 5

Moon Sedai

Hello Dragonmount! Another week has passed, and it is time for a new edition of Dragonmount’s Weekly Roundup!


First on the agenda: The Wheel of Time Cage Matches. This week’s line-ups include:


Ituralde vs Rhuarc

Aludra vs Laras

Tylin vs Suroth

Ingtar vs Elyas


Or, you can discuss the week one matches, predict winners, and wear team signatures.


Next on the agenda: the Hugo Awards. There is still time to become a member and vote. Deadline is August 1.


Now for the Social Group updates:


The White Tower and Warders have an ongoing discussion on the Foxhead medallion.


The Wolfkin has an interesting discussion on bucket lists for the month of July.


In the Band of the Red Hand, there is a discussion of Games and Luck. What games do you think Mat Cauthon would be good at, and which games would he fail at? Join in the band’s discussion.


Also, it’s time to celebrate one of our very special Dragonmount members. RandA lThor recently scored a perfect score on his SATs. Two parties have opened to celebrate his accomplishments: One in Shayol Ghul and the other in the Black Tower.


Finally, for our Dragonmount social media update:




Remember, you can get daily updates on Dragonmount and Wheel of Time-related news by following our social media at Facebook and Twitter.

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