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Weekly Roundup June 22-28

Moon Sedai

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Roundup!

Before we get started, let me point you to This Forum Right Here. What’s that? The Cage Matches are back! Absolutely! This week’s match line-up includes:

Flinn vs Rahvin

Liandrin vs. Sorilea

Elayne vs Graendal

and Deepe vs Mishraile

Get in there, vote for your favorites, or they may not continue to the next bracket. And while you; are at it, wear your Team Signature and predict the winners!


Next on the agenda: the Hugo Awards. There is still time to become a member and vote. Deadline is August 1.

Now for the news on the Social Group Scene:


The White Tower and Warders have a new interesting discussion about How much food you can buy with only $5. This thread, and the article linked in the introductory post, is a great place to discuss the value of money, and to learn about other parts of the world.

Are you involved in the SCA or other Medieval-minded groups? Join a discussion in the Kin about Medieval Mayhem!

The Ogier, always up for a good book discussion, have two interesting threads from this month. The first is the “Name game” Literature edition. The second involves the “to read” shelf.  Even if you are not an Ogier, you can participate and have a good discussion!

And from the Aiel’s World of Dreams: Do you Change Gender in your Sleep? A discussion of gender in our dreams.

Finally, our weekly Facebook and Twitter update:

Rand al’Thor took time out of his busy day to pose with author George R.R. Martin:

When asked if he was scared of meeting the infamous character killer and author, Rand said: "Duty is heavy as a mountain, death is light as a feather." 

Remember, you can get daily updates about Dragonmount, the Wheel of Time, and other related works by following these accounts, but you must also Like, Share, and Comment to continue getting excellent Dragonmount information in your Facebook Feed.

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