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Weekly Roundup July 13-19

Moon Sedai

Welcome, everyone, to the latest edition of the Weekly Roundup, where I cover the weekly events of Dragonmount!


First, The Hugo Awards! The deadline is fast approaching for those interested to become members and vote. You don’t even have to attend Loncon to vote! While we are on the subject, this year’s Worldcon is expected to have a strong Wheel of Time presence. On Saturday, August 16 there is a (planned) panel that will include Harriet McDougal, Maria Simons and Dragonmount user Werthead!  And to those thinking of going to Worldcon, here's a discussion thread!


Second on our agenda: Dragonmount’s annual Cage Matches. Week 3 had several exciting lineups. The winners from week 3 were Deepe, Graendal, Rhuarc and Elyas, and discussion about those battles continues here.


This week’s lineup has two epic battles:


Elyas vs Rhuarc


Deepe vs Graendal


Remember, if you don’t vote, your favorite might be defeated!


Next up, news from the Social Groups:


In the White Tower, the Amyrlin is discussing the new Full Shannara Television Series ordered by MTV. Have you read the books? Do you think they will be adapted fairly? Do you plan on watching? Discuss!


With the return of boy genius RandA lThor, Mayhem continues to ensue in Shayol Ghul. While you are checking out the mayhem, sign up for LilyE’s Mall Madness mafia game!


The Ogier have two ongoing discussions that seem to be very intriguing. First, what is on your “to read” shelve? What books are you dying to read? Second is a serious discussion on the Book of Translations. Join the Ogier and discuss these two fascinating topics!


Finally, our Weekly Facebook/Twitter update:




The article mentioned is here (and includes a Brandon Sanderson favorite series!)


Remember, you can get updates like these by following Dragonmount on Twitter and Facebook. (And to keep seeing the updates, Like, Share, and Comment on Facebook).


That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for the Cage Match Finals and more Dragonmount awesomeness!

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