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Weekly Roundup for June 23-29, 2013

Moon Sedai

Welcome to my first blog as the new Weekly Roundup Blogger! I’m excited for this opportunity to spread the word of what’s going on in our fantastic Social Groups.

For those of you that do not yet know me, I’m Moon Sedai, and have been a member of Dragonmount for four years.


Because it has been a few weeks since the last Weekly Roundup, I'm going to tell you what's been happening around Dragonmount during the month of June. 


Ever find something weird on Craig's List or Ebay and want to show it off? This month, Shayol Ghul is running a Craig’s List/Ebay summer event. The link I provided is the index link for the event, and is being updated with each new event. There are weird item hunts, personals, an Amazing Race game, and even a thread entitled "Dope or Nope?"  where people can discuss the experience of purchasing used items from the Internet. 


The Aiel Raids are in full-swing this month. Much like the Aiel characters of the books, our Aiel Social Group is taking the opportunity to "visit" the other social groups in the form of "raids," where they host a variety of threads throughout Dragonmount.


The Black Tower is hosting a One Power tournament. Members of the Black Tower are pitted against each other in a battle, fighting with their saidin skills to see who will emerge victorious. 


The Band of the Red Hand is hosting an interesting poll and discussion: what item of Mat Cauthon's is the most useful thing he acquires throughout the tale of The Wheel of Time series? Here's your chance to answer the poll and weigh in your answer to this fascinating question. 


Well, that's the big news for the Month of June. I look forward to telling you all about July's events in our next Weekly Roundup.

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