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Weekly Roundup February 2-8

Moon Sedai

February has started and it’s time for yet another Weekly Roundup.


The Debates and Discussions board has a new thread on U.S. Politics. Have you ever donated to a political party? What are your opinions of donations to political parties?


In the Arena, the Band of the Red Hand has a snowball game planned for the month of February. Sign-ups are in progress.


In Shayol Ghul, the factions are at war. Each faction will choose a character, play the “Who’s in the Cookpot” game (where the Social Group members are put in the cookpot), dress your character, and participate in a faction raid.


The Wolfkin February discussion is about online and offline personalities. Is your online personality different from your offline personality?


And finally, our Facebook update:




Remember, you can get daily updates on Dragonmount and other fantasy-related news on Dragonmount’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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