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Weekly Roundup December 29-January 4

Moon Sedai

Happy New Year! Hopefully, the Wheel’s turning from 2013 to 2014 has been safe and happy for us all. With the holiday season behind us, and a new year beginning, it is time for another exciting edition of Dragonmount’s Weekly Roundup!


The Band of the Red Hand is preparing to discuss the Horn of Valere in A Memory of Light. Note that spoilers are not allowed yet, but the thread has started to prepare those interested in the discussion to begin talking about the Horn and its place within the Wheel of Time series.


The Kin are discussing motivational quotes and phrases. Is there an image, a quote, or some saying that motivates you? Share it with the Kin, and join the thread to learn more phrases that inspire.


Do you know some really neat trivia? Can you relate it to the Ogier or any other Wheel of Time Culture? The Ogier now have a trivia battle!


In Shayol Ghul, the Forsaken have taken over and are plotting the new reign for the new year. Plans include ruining resolutions, Cursing the New Year, and turning the baby New Year to the Dark One.


In the White Tower and Warders, the White and Brown Ajahs have combined forces to host an Olympic Carnival! Discussions include an opening ceremony and ball, knowledge about Sochi, Russia, a lodge for discussion, a forum signature contest, and a Winter Dessert contest.


To round out the social groups, the Wolfkin are discussing how long it is acceptable to live in pajamas.


Finally, an update from the Dragonmount Twitter Feed:


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Please remember to sign into your social groups and have a fantastic New Year!

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