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Weekly Roundup August 4-10

Moon Sedai

Hello Dragonmount! Since I was off on a leave of absence last weekend battling Klingons and Toasters at Space City Con, I’m going to give you an extra-large dose of the Weekly Roundup this week.


It’s August at Dragonmount. Summer vacations are wrapping up, school is about to start again, and Dragonmount has a flurry of activity!


Speaking of vacations, at the White Tower and Warders, the Brown Ajah is hosting its Travel Week. This is your chance to share vacation memories, discuss why people should visit your hometown, and to share your traveling playlist.


The Wheel of Time Cage Match has ended, and Asmodean has proven victorious over all his competition. Was there any doubt? Feel free to wear a forum signature commemorating this event.


The Black Tower is discussing the evils of texting. Personally, I think texting is evil mostly because my autocorrect doesn’t understand Wheel of Time terminology, but the Black Tower members have some other amazing ideas about texting.


Shayol Ghul is hosting Faction Olympics. While many of the activities are designed to prove which faction is the best, there are two activities that new and non-members can participate in: Twisted Fairy Tales and Roast an SG Member. This is your chance to let Shayol Ghul members what you really think about them!


The Wolfkin are hosting a Chili Festival! Here is the chance to participate in a chili dunking booth, Pictionary, word association, a scavenger hunt, and more! For those who are not already members of the Wolfkin, this is an excellent time to get to know this wonderful social group.


On the Roleplaying side, it looks like a returning Dragonmount member will soon join the Black Tower. I wonder what kind of "trouble" he will get himself into...


One final note before I leave you to another week of Wheel of Time awesomeness: Jason and Jennifer often post some amazing stuff that is Wheel of Time related on Dragonmount's Facebook and Twitter pages. For those who do not yet follow Dragonmount on social media, you are really missing out on some excellent information. They post information about the new DRM-free eBooks in the eBook store, interesting Wheel of Time related news, and more.


Here is just one of many awesome Tweets posted on the Dragonmount Twitter feed:


#WoT changed this guy's life forever. How about you? http://goo.gl/cI8jTo


Follow Dragonmount on Twitter and Facebook for more.

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