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Weekly Roundup, April 13-19 (Super-Sized)

Moon Sedai

Good morning once again! Now that all the post-JordanCon dust has settled, we return to the Weekly Roundup with several moments of exciting news stretching all across the world of the Wheel of Time and Dragonmount.


Because it has been a few weeks since we’ve had a Weekly Roundup, this one is super sized, packed with all sort of exciting information!


First, and perhaps the most exciting is that The Wheel of Time series has been nominated for a Hugo Award! The entire series is nominated as a single work because it is (finally) a complete set. This award is the most prestigious Science Fiction writer’s award. To be eligible to vote, you must be a member of this year’s World Con, taking place in London from August 14-19.


Second, we have two brand-new shiny Social Group leaders. The Black Tower is now led by the one and only Panchi! The Wolfkin are now officially led by their long serving former Beta wolf Davrick. With the new Social Group leaders, the Social Groups are sure to make some amazing new changes.


The ACW Tuathan’an Camp is also undergoing some changes: to help track their new Way of the Leaf System the Tinkers are restructuring the Showcase to track the Way of the Leaf ranking system. Tinkers are encouraged to check out the new pinned threads in the Showcase to learn more details about the new ranking system.


Game of Thrones fans: After last week’s exciting episode, many of you might want to know where you can go to discuss the television series and the book series that inspired it, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.  Never fear! In the Entertainment board, there are two Westeros-centric threads: the Spoiler Thread and the Non-Spoiler Thread.


The Aiel have posted their new monthly discussion on Markets. What is it like to shop in your area of the world, in the small, local markets? Read here to find out the interesting places where some of your fellow Dragonmount members spend their money.


In the slow times of JordanCon, the Band of the Red Hand discussed alternate places to host a meet-up, other than the famous convention.  Where would you host a meet-up for fellow Dragonmount members?


The Kin have some excitement as well! First, they have a wonderful discussion on Herbology. Do you have any herbal remedies you use for your illnesses? Discuss it here! Also, the Kin have announced a new Council Member: Ryrin has agreed to help the Kin as a staff member responsible for membership (including new members) and the sashes.


In Shayol Ghul, the Ghoulie Voting season has begun! This is your chance to tell us who, of those nominated, you think is most deserving of these elite awards.


And finally, from the Dragonmount Twitter feed:




Remember you can get up-to-the-minute updates for Dragonmount and Wheel of Time related news by following the page on Twitter and Facebook!


That wraps it up for this week’s Weekly Roundup. Remember, you still have time to sign in to your Social Groups!

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