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Website Login Changes

Jason Denzel
  • Upcoming changes to the way users log into Dragonmount

We're implementing some changes to the way that you log into Dragonmount.  


Apple ID Login

Secure login to Dragonmount with your Apple ID is now available. Any visitor to the website may create a new account or associate their existing account with their Apple ID address. Simply select "Sign In With Apple" using the login page. This joins the other available options of using Facebook, Twitter, Google as secure methods of validation. You may also login directly using a Dragonmount account. As always, all communication with our site is entirely secure and encrypted. 




Upcoming Login Changes 


How It Currently Works

Currently Dragonmount allows you to login using your username. That’s how it’s been done since we opened in 1998. But usernames are always public-facing, which means that people or groups with ill-intent could easily target s specific account and try to to that account using brute force.  For example, they could take the name “Jason Denzel” and try lots of popular password combinations, hoping to break in. Now, we have plenty of ways to detect these brute force attacks and block them.  But still, it’s a modern best practice to not use a username for a login anymore. 


What's Changing


Beginning Thursday, June 24 July 8 all users will log onto Dragonmount using an email address instead of a username. Your existing password will continue to work like normal.  In addition, users will also be able to login using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.  (We have plans to implement AppleID login at a future date and to offer optional Two-Factor authentication.). We've extended the date to give people more time to validate their email. We'll make the change after we send out July newsletter.

Required Actions
No action is required on your part except to please take a moment to verify that your email address on record is current.   (Click your user name in the upper right corner > Account Settings) 
Also, while you're there, please consider checking your Notification settings to see if you're receiving our monthly newsletter. It's a great way to have a recap of the latest Wheel of time and community news sent to your Inbox. 
Thank you for being part of this amazing community. If you have questions, please email webmaster@dragonmount.com

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