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October Forum Roundup


Fall is finally here! Some of you are experiencing a gentle cooling while others are experiencing inclement weather. Halloween is almost upon us and whether you have children or enjoy cosplay, this can be an extra special time of the year.


While continuing my “search” for Robert Jordan, I found this bit of trivia:


“He had a secretary whose main job was to keep the facts straight in the elaborate world he created that spanned 11 books and almost 7,420 pages. Some critics questioned his wordiness, yet he could sum up the series' driving force in three words: 'Life changes. Deal.'" (From the obituary of James Oliver Rigney Jr., Los Angeles Times)




Many of us would have cherished that job. I know I would have.



We have been introduced to new readers of the series and it is touching to hear their thoughts and wonder about a world we have all inhabited for quite some time. Vicariously, we can pick up the series anew and remember our own journeys through The Wheel of Time.


The Kin is flourishing in its new location, The White Tower and Warders. The Kin is a relaxing place where we build friendships and engage in fun activities.


The Band of the Red Hand is offering multiple threads for Halloween!


Debates and Discussions are heating up as we near the American election. The plus side is that members can post their own views and read those of others, some who reside outside of the United States.


The Black Tower is getting into an election mode, with sign-ups for a Trump vs Clinton 2016 Mafia game.


M’Lady Lefluer is at it again posting a beautiful collage that features Nynaeve.


Shayol Ghul is seeking a new Cuen’Shaidar. Do you have what it takes?



See you all next month!

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