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Most Popular Dragonmount Articles for 2011


As we close out the year, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what the biggest articles we ran this year were.


#6. Our Fan Art Friday featuring Elayne really struck a chord with everyone. This surprises me, but I don't know why. We had several very popular Fan Art Fridays, but Elayne is by far the most popular.


#5. Our next article was our announcement back in April that Jason Denzel would be making multiple live action trailers for A Memory of Light. Sadly, that project was canceled.


#4. Back in February, lots of folks started re-reading the Wheel of Time series in preparation for A Memory of Light. We wrote a short article about some of them, including Brandon Sanderson's. We really ought to do a follow up and see which ones are still updating in 2012.


#3. Our article revealing the eBook cover art for Towers of Midnight was very popular. Perrin at his forge was a real crowd pleaser.


#2. Our runner up was this edition of Wheel of Time Video News with Kristen Nedopak. Sadly, her schedule doesn't allow her to do these anymore. They were really fun. But what topic had everyone buzzing? Why, speculating on when A Memory of Light might be released of course.


#1. Our most popular article this year was... A Memory of Light Release Date Speculation. It's actually the second most popular article on the site, eclipsing nearly all of our Towers of Midnight coverage in 2010. You guys sure are excited to read this book, huh?


I can't wait to find out what gets everyone excited in 2012!

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after all those debates we started over theories, didnt even make the list *sigh* how sad :(

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Don't take this to mean that the other articles aren't getting good traffic. It's just that the AMOL stuff blows everything else out of he water. Our AMOL info page is the single most popular page on the entire site.

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