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Happy Birthday, Dragonmount!


Thirteen years ago today, someone started spamming the existing Wheel of Time message boards with links to his "cool, new site" called Dragonmount. The Path of Daggers was about to be released and all the Wheel of Time discussion sites were buzzing with theories and conversation. Dragonmount wasn't very pretty, it wasn't fully staffed yet, and I didn't know any better, so I volunteered to be the site's Amyrlin Seat. Thirteen years, some staff shuffles, some more releases, and more ups and downs than I care to count later, I'm proud to call myself Jason Denzel's partner in running Dragonmount.


We've had some rough times, and there have been days both of us wanted to pack it all in and go home, but overall, the good times outweigh the bad and we both feel that we've done our part to make the online Wheel of Time community a better place. Whether it's organizing volunteers for book signings, producing the first Wheel of Time podcast, running one of the largest Wheel of Time role-play forums, or just providing a place for fans to hang out and share their love of the series, Jason and I have been honored that so many fans have chosen Dragonmount as their Internet home.


To celebrate our thirteenth birthday, we've partnered with Tor Books to give away one copy of the recently released The Eye of the World graphic novel adaption. To enter, visit our dedicated birthday forum and post why you enjoy Dragonmount so much.


Sound the Horn! The Hunt is on, and may Dragonmount be your hunting-place!

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I've been a member, I believe, for approximately twelve of those years. Good times. AH THE MEMORIES. ;)

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