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Forum Roundup: March


Welcome to the March Forum Roundup!

This month, I’d like to highlight our Debates and Discussion Forum.  It is an election year here in the United States and D&D is the place to voice your opinion.  Of course, the forum isn’t exclusive to the United States and you will find topics that range from climate change to Europe’s immigration crisis.

Mafia games are popular here at Dragonmount.  Members put in quite a bit of time to make the games unique and fun.  The games can be found in its own section, as well as other Social Groups that allow for it.

The Black Tower featured Mafia memes and a Winter Shadow event.  Moving on to Spring……we’ll see what direction the group takes in next month’s Roundup.

The White Tower and Warders have been busy.  A both informative and fun event was held for International Women’s Week.  The Red Ajah hosted and did a bang up job. 

The Band of the Red Hand is busy training new recruits, discussing music, and talking about who has re-read The Wheel of Time books.

The Aiel Social Group offers a March discussion on “What is Truth,” and fun stuff including “Typing With Your Eyes Closed” and “50 Things Never To Do On A First Date.”

The Ogier are discussing “Winter Unpleasantness” and “Edgar Allen Poe vs Stephen King vs H.P. Lovecraft.”  Plus, there's a game of hangman that has been ongoing for a few years.

The fun-loving Shayol Ghul Social Group is featuring a couple new games: “Mating Dance” and “Executioner–Issue II: The Chopping Block.”

The Wolfkin are having fun "Stating the Obvious" in their very exciting game.

ACW Tuathan’an Camp’s Hobby Wagon is featuring “Accidental Gardening.”

There's still plenty going on around the Dragonmount forums, so see what else you can find!  See you next month!

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