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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: October 21-27, 2012


It's time for another weekly roundup!


How would you rank the Wheel of Time books so far? Which of the books blew you away, and which left you unsatisfied? Come let us know in our General Wheel of Time Discussion forum.


Which television shows helped define you as a person? Which shows were part of your fondest childhood memories? Wax nostalgic with us in our TV Show & Sports Discussion forum.


The Shayol Ghul Social Group has their October Caption Faction up. Which caption do you think is the funniest? Be sure to vote!


The Warders of the White Tower & Warders Social Group need your help! Some Aes Sedai have been kidnapped and need to be rescued. They are hidden by special "disguise ter'angreal", so if you can guess which Aes Sedai are which, you'll free them.


That's all for now. See you next week!

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