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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: May 20-26, 2012


It's time for another weekly roundup!  Let's see what's going on in our forums.

I think it's safe to say that Wheel of Time references can seem very strange to the uninitiated.  Despite this, it's often hard to turn off the part of our brains that thinks about things in a Wheel of Time context.  Embarrassing hijinks may ensue as a result.  What embarrassing things have you done as a result of this series?  Drop by the General Wheel of Time Discussion forum and let us know.

Diablo 3 was recently released, so for all you gamers out there who want someone to obsess with when you aren't playing the game, we have just the thread for you in our Movies and Games Discussion forum.  Do you like the game, or does it fail to meet your expectations?   

The Aiel Social Group recently released the Spring Edition of their newsletter, The Dedicated Spear.  It's chock full of cool features and information.

The Kin Social Group is doing a post card swap for May.  It's still not too late to participate, so hurry on down so you can participate in one of their most popular exchanges.

Yet another Social Group has put up a recent newsletter for your enjoyment.  Check out the Wolfkin Social Group's May edition of PawPrints!

I've always enjoyed reading role plays of the Accepted test Arches.  The latest one I've seen, A Trip Inside Herself, is well-written and entertaining.  Take a look at it if you're looking for a good read.

Until next time, everyone!

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