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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: March 17-23, 2013


We're back!  Our book tour hiatus is over, and I'm also back from my travels.  Things should be back to normal around here shortly.

If you are interested in being my new Rotating Features Blogger or Fan Art Friday Blogger, now's your chance to apply.  The call for applications can be found here.  Applications are due by March 27th.

We are currently in the process of announcing and congratulating the winners of the Empys, Dragonmount's membership awards.  Please stop by to show the winners some love.    

It's time for the March Clan Wars at the Aiel Social Group!  This month, the events include Assassins, Paintball, a Word Scramble, and an Art Contest.  Check out the link above for more information.

The Band of the Red Hand Social Group has begun a new feature.  Each month, they will discuss a popular Broadway musical for their Musical of the Month.  It's a wonderful way to celebrate this beloved form of music.  They are currently discussing the children's favorite Mary Poppins

The White Tower & Warders Social Group is featuring several stimulating discussions in honor of International Women's Week.  If you are interested in talking about this important topic, look here.  Please note that some of the discussions are sensitive in nature, and mature, thoughtful discourse is required.

Evil creatures and people are gathering for some mischief.  What vile things are they plotting?  Find out in the role play Long Shadows Gathering.



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