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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: February 5-11, 2012


We have just two weeks left of our cage matches. The fights have been getting more intense, and this week is certainly no exception. Who do you think the winners will be? Make sure to let your voice be heard by voting in the relevant polls.


The denizens of our General Wheel of Time Discussion forum are in a playful mood this week. They want to hear your thoughts on what self-help books written by the Forsaken might look like. I had a ball just reading this thread. Would you actually buy any of the self-help books listed in the thread? I think I'd buy Lanfear's guide to catching and keeping a man.


Some people from our TV Show and Sports Discussion forum have been placing bets on NFL games. The Super Bowl was yesterday, so head to the thread I just linked to discuss it. Did you correctly predict who won?


Purity is this month's theme for the Artists, Crafters, and Writers Guild's monthly challenge. Since this is a common theme in art, I'm hoping that many of you will take this challenge.


The Aiel Social Group will be hosting a Spears and Hearts Week from February 7th through 14th. Love and romance will be in the air, and you can participate in games, poems, and even a dance. Everyone is welcome to come play!


The Kin Social Group has plenty of activities planned to celebrate February, including a Valentine cards exchange. Keep an eye on this thread throughout the month for updates.


What happens when a fine warrior agrees to teach sword fighting to a merchant's clumsy son? Find out in the role play Of Swords and Sons.


Would you like to see goofy pictures of Brandon Sanderson from his recent Taiwan trip? If so, they can be found on this Facebook page.


That's all for this week!

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